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Video ringtone. Show video on incoming call.
Basic functionality is absolutely free, there are no restrictions on the number of video contacts.

. Set video-ringtone for: contact, group, other contacts (unknown, ‘not found’ and default).
. Personal settings for each video contact: sound volume, sets the start position of the video, style of an incoming call
. Pronunciation of the name of the caller
. Fine tune the incoming call window (full-screen or popup), ability to customize display elements (name, photo, telephone) and how to answer the call (buttons, slider, glowpad, swipe)
. As videotones can be set to any video from the gallery or created with camera phone
. Playing random video from the selected directory when an incoming call

Additionally, available by subscription:
. private cloud storage of your video contacts, automatic synchronization and backup;
. sync with your friends: set personal video and it will play on your friends when they receive a call from you;
. access to a huge collection of video ringtones for all tastes for different devices. Download and share your ringtones;
All data stored in the cloud is encrypted with your personal key and not accessible nobody but you.

New Material Design makes use of the program even easier and more convenient. Enjoy.

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