VaporCam-Glitch, Aesthetic, Vaporwave Photo Editor APK

VaporCam is such a free and funny photo editor, combining vintage style old camera with synthwave and cyberpunk photo effects together, and which packages multiple elements, like seapunk, macintosh plus, windows 95, sadboys, simpsonwave, lo-fi music and etc.,, is dedicated to cool vaporwave pictures.

Get on VaporCam time machine that full of trippy lights, taking you into vintage 80s 90s trend, stagnating and immersing in a vaporwave dream.

– Vaporwave Filter
· Special Lo-Fi (Low Fidelity) and 80s Retro effects
· VHS glitch filters, frame-hopping video snapshot
· Trippy and haze effects
· Neon Light filters build the bar colors impressions

– Vaporwave Sticker
· Provide hundreds of retrowave style stickers.
· aesthetic statue, seapunk dolphins
· floral shoppe, sadboys, 80s arcade
· macintosh plus, windows 95, anime, pixel game
· Bright and psychedelic colors and retro rich elements
· Vapor mail, 3D stickers decorate modern virtual effect

– Vaporwave Template
· All elements adjustable to you, quick and easy for photo editing.
· select vaporwave backgrounds and square photo for Instagram/tumblr
· One-Tap apply, remove & zoom stickers;
· Future punk, chillwave, 80s text fonts and etc.

Through VaporCam’s photo effects with lofi VHS, trippie, cyberpunk aesthetic, we will experience the most attractive part and enjoy free befunky photo editor to create fun memes, like simpsonwave, chillwave, and etc.

Thanks for sharing photos to Instagram and don't forget to add the tag #Vaporcam .

Any inconvenience or suggestion about VaporCam, feel free to contact us, and we will give you feedback ASAP and refer them when VaporCam app updating :)We will do our best to make it better and more convenient.

【Contact us】
Facebook: @vaporcam
Instagram: @vaporcam_official
Email:[email protected]

What’s New

– Optimized UI and user experience
– Optimized App performance

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Additional information

VaporCam-Glitch, Aesthetic, Vaporwave Photo Editor
17.46 MB
1,000,000+ downloads
Developed By
WecutCentury Inc.

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