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The ultimate URL Manager. This app squeezes your long links into neat, short links. You can also expand links, view click analytics and scan links with this app.Ever found something nice online and decided to share the link with a friend but realized the link doesn’t only look untidy but also takes the entire space in your message?
Solution: Shorten the link.

Ever saw a link on the internet but afraid to click on it because you are scared of being redirected to scam/dangerous sites?
Solution: Expand the link.

Has a website ever asked for your credit/debit card information but you’re not sure if the website is legit or fake?
Solution: Scan the link.

This app fixes all that for you!

• Shorten long URLs.
• Expand short URLs.
• Scan any URL.

• Expand any link and see all redirections and final link destination.

• Scan any link and get the website reputation. This helps to increase your online security.

• Quickly shorten/expand/scan links from your browser or other apps by sharing the link to this app.

• You don’t even have to share to the app, you can just copy a link or a text that contains as many long links as possible, and the app will instantly shorten and replace them for you. Totally customizable.

• Generate QR codes for the short URLs with any color of your choice.

• Easily share short URLs or QR codes using the “share” option.

• Advanced features like “custom short URL structure” allows you to create short URLs with words of your choice. Other advanced features include: “Lower case”, “Lower case pronounceable”, “Upper case”, “Upper case pronounceable” and “Numbers only”.

• Access all your links in a “History” page from where you can either delete, copy, share or view click analytics for them.

• View click analytics for your short URLs based on browsers, countries, referrers, platforms and time.

• Web developers can setup multiple YOURLS accounts as custom providers in the app.

Please, If you are interested in helping to translate the app into any language of your choice, kindly send an email to [email protected] for more information. Suggestions and feature requests are also welcome.

Permission Details:
• Network Access (android.permission.INTERNET) — Used to communicate with the server to shorten/expand/scan URLs.

• Access Network State (android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE) — For checking if you have an internet connection before using the network.

• Run at startup (android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED) — Used to start the clipboard link monitoring service in the background after the phone boots if the clipboard monitoring feature is enabled.

• Control vibration (android.permission.VIBRATE) — Used to softly vibrate the phone when you copy a link that can be shortened. Vibration can be turned off in settings.

• Get Accounts(android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS) — Used to authenticate and shorten your goo.gl links if you turn on the “Google sign in” option in the app settings.

• Billing(com.android.vending.BILLING) — For in-app donations. The app is completely free.

What’s New

• Fixed authentication error when shortening links with YOURLS providers.
• Fixed an issue that made the navigation view to overlap the history view on tablets.
• You can now use custom URL structures with YOURLS providers.

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URL Manager
3.93 MB
50,000+ downloads
Developed By
Kizito Nwose

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