Both Tubemate and Snaptube are extremely popular android apps. They both serve the same niche – helping the users down movies, videos, and more from YouTube and other streaming services. They both have a ton of useful features that keep their users satisfied. Since both of them are equally efficient and nice, many users find it difficult to decide which one to stick with. This article will hopefully help you as you will find some pointers about each of them, and some pros and cons. We will also examine their similarities and take a look at where they differ.



Snaptube allows its users to watch unlimited videos, movies, and TV series for free. It is one of the best Android entertainment apps out there. With multiple user-friendly features, this app is a great one to have, especially if you are a content addict. The app has an easy and intuitive user interface, which of course, appeals to everyone. You will also be able to choose the resolution of the content before you go ahead and download it. The best bit using Snaptube is its wide variety of video and movie collection. This app also gives its users the ability to download content from other popular websites like Dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo, and more. You can manage your download as they are being downloaded or even after it is over. The user also has the ability to change the format of the content after download. Its speed, efficiency, and other factors all make it a great option to have.



Tubemate is a similar app, offering high-quality entertainment. The users can watch all kinds of TV shows and movies for free, at any time and in any place. You will also be able to download them anytime you want. The download process is quite easy, which is why it is a big hit with the public. As with Snaptube, you can choose the resolution of the video you are planning to download. The app is designed quite well with a good user interface and works at a great speed. One added advantage is the fact that it offers support for Chromecast. When you are downloading, if, for any reason, you want to pause it, you can easily do it and resume it later on.

Similarities between Tubemate and Snaptube

It is natural that both the apps will share some similarities as they are both in the market offering the same service to the users. Both allow the user to select the video’s resolution and quality before download. They are both easy to install, set up, and use. Searching their database is easy with their user-friendly apps. The default storage for both Snaptube and Tubemate is the SD card in the device.

Differences between Tubemate and Snaptube

Both these apps have their differences and unique points. Let’s explore them. Snaptube offers a search option based on keywords which are not present in Tubemate. It definitely makes things a little harder with the latter. Again, Snaptube helps with conversion of mp3 formats which is not available with Tubemate. Snaptube also offers multiple resolution options. Tubemate needs to improve in that regard. Browsing through categories of movies and music can easily be done with Snaptube. Those who are using Tubemate might need to wait a bit before the feature is introduced for them.


While both the apps have their own pros and cons, one thing you can do to select the best is to try using both of them. Choose the one that you are the most comfortable with.

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