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An Easier Trip, Every Time
This isn’t your average travel app. Imagine checking one place for everything, and knowing about things before they happen. See why life without TripIt is a distant memory for millions of travelers.

You Handle The Booking, We’ll Take It From There
Unlike other apps, it doesn’t matter where you book. TripIt can manage it all. As soon as you book a flight, hotel, car or other reservation, simply forward it to [email protected] and we'll instantly add plans to your master itinerary.

Access And Share Your Plans In An Instant
No more frantically searching through your inbox for important details like when your flight gets in, or your confirmation number. Get to them instantly in TripIt, even when you’re offline. Plus, we make it easy to send travel plans to your calendar, or to anyone you choose.

Manage all your plans for free with TripIt, or for about the price of checking your bags, upgrade to TripIt Pro to get stress-free travel all year long.

When you upgrade, TripIt Pro will do all this for you (and more!):

While you’re planning your trip
• Help you find a better seat
• Monitor for flight refunds
• Remind you when to check in
Before you’re out the door
• Tell you when to leave for the airport
• Send real-time flight alerts
• Let you know how long the security lines are
While you’re on the move
• Provide interactive airport and terminal maps
• Send terminal and gate reminders
• Tell you baggage claim info

For more information, see the TripIt User Agreement ( and Privacy Policy (

What’s New

• For TripIt Pro users, the redesigned Pro tab helps you access and learn about all the features available to you. From the Pro tab, search interactive airport maps, activate Go Now to remind you when to leave for the airport, explore international travel tools for any country, add reward programs to Point Tracker, and access other features.
• We fixed a bunch of bugs like one that caused the app to crash when tapping on an alert and one where activity location names weren’t displaying.

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