Trigonometry. Unit circle. APK


Education for all. Geometry. Trigonometry. Unit circle.
Recommended for pupils and students.

Visual understanding and calculating sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant and cosecant function, degrees and radians.
Description of functions.
Table of values.

Trigonometric formulas and identities:
symmetry, shifts, periodicity,
basic identities,
sum and difference of the angles,
double angle,
triple angle
sum and difference functions
multiplication of functions,
lowering the degree formula,
derivatives and integrals.

Move point to define angle and functions.
Tap circle center to determine the exact angle you want.
Use options to show what you want.

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What’s New

Now you can enter the angle in minutes and seconds.
Changed the circle settings dialog.
Removed the background of the circle.
Improved performance.
Fixed bugs.

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Trigonometry. Unit circle.
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