Tricks for Five Nights at Freddy’s for Android  APK

Welcome to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, which greets kids and parents with food and entertainment options all day but turns haunted and dark at night. The animatronics robots, designed to attract the crowds, are main attractions at Freddy Fazbear. As a security guard, your job is to keep a watch over them all night. If you are just playing this game for the first time, do not worry! We are here with tricks for Five Nights at Freddy’s for Android.


Tricks for Five Nights at Freddy's

Keep in mind that you have limited power supply to use all night. So, be sure to watch cameras wisely. In case you run out of power, you have to survive in the dark with no more lights and security doors. Freddy Fazbear and his friends behave weirdly at night because they are possessed by the spirits of five children who were killed. The goal is simple. You have to stay safe and alive by having a watch over the doors until 6 am. You can use just a flashlight.


If you hear something weird, shut the door

In the whole game, keeping the doors shut all the time takes a lot of power. You can definitely keep them shut all the time to avoid evil spirits but it is not the way to survive. If you do so all the time, you will barely survive until the morning with power.


shut the door

Therefore, it is better to keep the doors open until you hear something coming or in the doorway. In that case, shut the door and keep it up until they get vanished.

Use lights only when you are being attacked

Five Nights at Freddy’s relies very much on audio cues. If you always turn on the lights and check cameras all the time, you will soon run out of power at night. So, turn on the lights only to check who is coming on the doorways and then turn off.


Use lights trick

You may often see something coming on the right door in the shadows before it reaches the doorway. Therefore, you can use the lights and shut the door.


Watch out the moves of your enemies

At Freddy’s different enemies, have different moves. Therefore, it is better to observe their moves early on to survive longer. Listed here are all the four enemies and how they move –


Watch out the moves of your enemies

  • Bonnie– He randomly moves in the cameras but appears always on the left side doorway. If you suspect Bonnie is approaching, simply flick the left light on and off and ensure that he is no longer in the doorway.
  • Chica – He always appears on the right door quickly and purposefully to the player. If Chica is seen on the right camera coming towards you, be ready to have a close encounter, as he will soon be on your doorway.
  • Foxy – He is usually found in Camera 1C in Pirate Cove. It is not easy to catch him more often. Foxy attacks by running on the left side. So, whenever you hear that, quickly shut down the left door. You may also find signs like “It’s Me!” in Camera 1C. Slam the left door down quickly when you see this.
  • Freddy –He mostly makes security cameras too dark to watch and is often harder to predict. It is the only sign that Freddy is haunting around you. Watch around him because it can make him move slower. Keep in mind that he moves around the entire circuit before he attacks. You need to slow him down at the end of the night because he is powerful enough to break through the doors.


Use Headphones

As discussed earlier, Five Nights at Freddy’s is mostly based on audio cues. You can make auditory details even easier to catch by using headphones. You can hear footsteps clearly and decide whether they are coming from the right or left, which is very important. In case you hear running or any other noise, you will easily know who is approaching and from which door.


It is not easy to monitor with the cameras if you cannot hear the cues with built-in speakers. Guesswork needs more power. So, it is recommended to use headphones for the best experience.


Look out for glowing eyes

You cannot see Freddy on the cameras. Therefore, it is better to look for glowing eyes to see if he is in a certain room. Sometimes, it seems that the camera is completely empty.


Look out for glowing eyes

However, if you look carefully at glowing eyes, you can catch Freddy. To slow him down, the only way is to keeping an eye on him when he moves around the circuit.


Listen to the cues carefully

This is the reason why we recommend headphones in this game again and again. It is the key to hear the noise from both rights and left sides separately. This way, you will know exactly which side you might be attacked from. You can easily save power without having to guess which door to shut down.


Take short, quick looks

Unless you are tracking Freddy, it is always best to take quick and short looks. With short looks, you can spot the location of characters and save power usage in most cases. Listen to the cues most of the time and look only 20% of the time.


Tricks for Five Nights at Freddy’s APK for more options

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Tricks for Five Nights at Freddy’s APK


To help you play this game easily, we have added all the secret tricks to help you. We will also teach you how to defense and attack in this game. In this app, you can use the manual, which will help you finish all the missions in the game. It has a very user-friendly interface and easy to understand strategies to help you get past of all obstacles and win quickly.




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