Traffic Rider Mod APK

Traffic Rider Mod APK – Tips and Tricks to Get High Scores APK

Launched by Soner Kara Developers, Traffic Rider Mod APK is the new highway-running motorcycle game, which needs you to finish various missions. You have to run the motorcycles and reach the finish while avoiding trucks and cars to earn both gold and cash.

You have to speed through the traffic recklessly in this motion-based first-person game. Traffic Rider challenges its players to finish various goals. Here are some of the tips and tricks to play Traffic Rider Mod APK like a pro.


Traffic Rider Mod APK


Traffic Rider Mod APK – Key Features


Cool HD Graphics

Traffic Rider has very amazing and cool HD graphics, which is the best part of this game. You will get the real experience of riding through highways and cities with detailed graphics. Also, you can choose from day and night effects in this game. You can play two different modes and there are different graphics for both of these modes. In this game, there are also some seasons like rain and snowfall to look more interesting. You will definitely see the beauty of this game when you start playing.

Ride Lifelike Bikes

In this game, you can get the chance to test ride real-looking bikes virtually. It has 26 bikes in total to ride and you can unlock them when you progress through the missions and play the game. The best part of Traffic Rider Mod APKis that you can instantly choose the bike you like without having to pass the missions. Another great thing regarding this game is that you can change the camera angle, as you like while riding. If you want the life-like riding experience, turn the view to the first-person camera.

Missions and Career Mode

Along with trying this game as a guest, you can also make progress while playing missions in career mode. For this game, the real motorcycles are used to record the sound for virtual motorbikes so you can get the real experience. There are over 30 achievements to unlock when playing the game and you can also be featured on the leaderboard. You can earn more points by riding faster.

Huge Availability

The game is available in 19 different languages. Hence, you can always play and download the game no matter where you belong. It is listed among the top in most countries. You should try this game at least once if you have not played it yet. It is one of the most popular games for a reason.


How to Download Traffic Rider Mod APK?


Before going any further, let us clear one thing that Traffic Rider MOD APK has some changes from the original app. So, remove any existing version if you have. All you need to download this MOD APK and install the latest version and you are all set.

If you are one of them who do not know how to install MOD APK and run successfully, the following steps are just for you.

  1. We assume that you have removed any previous version of Traffic Rider.
  2. Download Traffic Rider MOD APK latest version and save on the device
  3. Go to your device settings and launch Security settings.
  4. There is an option of Unknown Sources under Device Administration. Toggle it on.
  5. Go back to Downloads and find the Traffic Rider Mod APK that you have downloaded.
  6. Tap on the file and click “Install.”
  7. Wait for a while to finish the process.
  8. You can now see the Traffic Rider icon on the screen.
  9. Tap on the icon and you can enjoy the game.


Tips and Trick


Ride in the Middle

When playing the game, you will need to make quick decisions so you can have enough time to react. If you do not make decisions quickly, you might end up crashing just into one of the cars that you could dodge. What if you don’t have to dodge left and right? What if there was another option? You can dodge right in the middle. You can drive just between two cars. It is very risky and tricky but you can do it when there is no choice left.


You have to finish several objectives to pass the level when playing through the career mode. A career mode level is not just a race from one point to another. You have to drive a given distance in a specific time limit or it will require you to overtake the given number of cars within 30 seconds. This way, you can focus on the objective at the top of the screen. You will never know what will fall and what to do on a mission. 

Know the Controls

If you are starting out in Traffic Rider, controls might seem trickier at first. You have to tilt the device to maneuver the bike left and right. The brakes are given on the left side and accelerator on the right side. You should practice the timing to use brakes. You should know when and how to use the controls. 

Extend the Time Available in Missions

 It is very vital to beat the given time and drive fast. However, there is a trick to add some time to finish the mission. First of all, race through the checkpoint to add a few seconds. You can also gain 0.1 seconds (split second) by riding closer to other vehicles. However, it should be done at around 100 kph. 

Earn Free Gold

You can earn free gold in different ways in this game. For example, you can watch video ads. You can also subscribe to its YouTube channel, follow the game on Twitter, or like its Facebook page to make more gold.

Buy New Bikes

Even though you can upgrade handling, speed, and brakes of your existing bike, you can buy a better one. If you have enough gold and cash, you can buy a new bike.

Bottom Line

We hope you have liked the above tips and tricks to play Traffic Rider Mod APK. If you have some more to share, feel free to tell us.


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