Total Equipment Protection App APK

Total Equipment Protection App

Where is my phone? Sprint customers worried about misplacing their Android device can get peace of mind with Total Equipment Protection App. This phone locator App allows you to quickly find a lost or misplaced device, and to secure your personal data* should the device not be recoverable.
Protect yourself and the data on your mobile phone 24/7 with this App available free to Sprint Total Equipment Protection customers. In the event your phone is lost, stolen or just stops working, this App allows you to easily retrieve contacts, and transfer them easily to your new device. If your phone is lost or stolen, lock the device remotely so your private information can’t be accessed. The app website allows you to locate your phone on a map and trigger an alarm, even if the volume is turned off, so you can find your phone faster.
What are customers saying?
”Awesome app. A must have for everyone that can’t survive without a phone. If phone is broken or lost it will be replaced immediately and it backs up all contacts and important info” – Gabriel
“EXCELLENT FEATURE!!! And the fact that Sprint makes this available (free), with the equipment protection program, exponentially increases my loyalty.” – Kay
“I lost my phone and the fact that I could log online n lock it was perfect gave peace of mind. I got it back and all I had to do was put in my pin” – julz
How does it work?
Logon to from any browser, anywhere to access to the following capabilities:
– “LOCATE” provides a GPS based location to retrieve your device
– “ALARM” sounds an audible alarm if you misplace a device nearby – even if it is set to vibrate or silent mode
– “LOCK” your device to protect its contents from unauthorized users while it is being retrieved
– “WIPE” the contacts if the device cannot be recovered
– “SYNC”, backup, manage and restore contacts
Who’s eligible?
Available free to Sprint customers enrolled in Total Equipment Protection. Not enrolled in Total Equipment Protection? Visit your local Sprint Store or for further details. Available for Android OS version 1.5 and higher.
Why Total Equipment Protection App?
Unlike other “Phone Locator” and “Security” Apps available, the Protection App is offered exclusively to Sprint customers. Also, because the App is included with Total Equipment Protection, you can file an insurance claim if your phone is not recoverable. Either way, you’ll never be without your device for long. Look to Total Equipment Protection with the all-new Protection App as your single source for phone protection – only from Sprint.
Total Equipment Protection is a monthly service that offers comprehensive coverage against loss, theft, damage and malfunction by providing a replacement device, often next day. For information about Total Equipment Protection coverage, please visit
Important notes
Total Equipment Protection App is a service provided by Asurion Mobile Applications and is not an insurance product. Total Equipment Protection App is available on compatible and certified devices and does not include Sprint Feature Phones. Device must be powered on, have text messaging capability, and be within the Sprint Coverage Area for Total Equipment Protection App features to function.


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