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Are you a frequent internet user who suffers from weak and unreliable wireless network signals? If yes, then you must be quite familiar with the ordeal of starting to watch a 2 minutes video and then that turning into a nightmare of several minutes as the video constantly keeps buffering. This is obviously not something that you can tolerate in your everyday life. However, what is the possible solution for you in this scenario in short of getting a better wireless internet connection ? The answer to that question is the high-quality internet booster android apps. With the help of a proficient internet booster application, you can improve the range, strength, and reliability of your wireless internet connection.


Internet Booster Android Apps


Thus, in turn, you reduce your sufferings caused by the bad quality internet connection. In this article, we look at some of the best internet booster android apps available for you. A list has been prepared for those applications for your convenience. However, before proceeding to that discussion it is important to learn how these applications actually work.


How Does The Internet Booster Android Apps Help?

There are many internet boosting apps in the market which one can get online. These applications use different strategies or techniques to improve the strength of your internet connection. However, there are two main techniques which are employed by most internet boosting apps. And those techniques are:

  • There are many applications which actually create a map of your internet signals. This map is somewhat similar to a weather map which depicts the hot and cold temperatures which were observed in any given area.


This map can actually be used by an individual to figure out the areas in one’s home where the signals of the internet are unable to reach. If you are using a Wi-Fi system then you can simply reposition your router to determine the best possible position in which the signal reaches your entire household


  • Another way which many applications employ to boost the internet signal is by exposing the overused wireless internet channels.

This can be compared to how traffic usually works. If there is a road where many vehicles are passing through then it will take you longer to reach your destination. But if you take a road which is relatively empty then you can reach your destination faster


The Best Internet Booster Applicati0ons of 2019

In this section, readers will be able to learn about the best internet booster applications of the year 2019. The list of those applications is mentioned below.


1.   Internet Booster and Optimizer

The Internet Booster and Optimizer application work by putting your internet browsing needs as a priority in your device. This means that there is no excess background internet usage which can also have a very pronounced effect on the speed of your internet connection.

With the help of this application, you can easily get the most out of your internet capabilities and speed. You can use this application on both rooted and unrooted devices. Whether you are using 2G, 3G, 4G, or LTE connection, the Internet Booster and Optimizer is compatible with all your needs.


Internet Booster and Optimizer


Apart from stopping unnecessary processes, you can also use this app to clean your phone’s RAM and caches.

Pros: Easy to use, highly compatible with many android versions, Reliable, Free of Cost,

Cons: Might cause lagging on your device, too many ads


2.   Connection Stabilizer Booster

Connection Stabilizer Booster has been given a 4.3-star rating on App Store and seems to be quite well-liked by the users. This application aims to boost your slow internet connection by making sure that the strength of the signals does not drop. This app itself is rather flawless and stable. It can be used with both rooted and unrooted devices.


Connection Stabilizer Booster Android App


You can use this application by following the two options of either ‘Active Keep Alive’ or ‘Active Reconnect’. This first option ensures that your flow of the internet connection does not stop even in the absence of activity. The second option works by restoring your internet connection if it drops.

Pros: Reliable, Free of cost, Ability to enhance through In-App purchases, Free of cost, Provides personalized features

Cons: Far too frequent ads


3.   Network Signal Booster

This is the last application which you can also download for free from the App Store. It has a 4.4-star rating and that is probably because of its simple user interface. By just launching this application you can see a vast difference in the strength of your internet connection. This application can work both on Wi-Fi connections and cellular data.


Network Signal Booster Android App


Pros: Easy to use, Free of cost, Provides personalized features

Cons: None

With this, we conclude our list of the best internet booster applications. Look through the features and decide which application is the best suited for you.


4.   WiFi Manager

WiFi Manager is another common wireless internet booster application which you can get to improve the speed and reliability of your internet connection. This application has a 3.2-star rating which is quite good.

This application works by scanning the different Wi-Fi channels in your area. It then picks the most uncluttered channel. This application can be used on devices with the Android version of 6 and above. This application can also be downloaded for free.


WiFi Manager Android App


By walking from one room to the other you can discover in which areas the signals are the strongest and in which areas it is the weakest.

Pros: Free of cost, convenient, and Easy to use

Cons: Does not have many features


5.   NetSpot

NetSpot is one of the most common internet booster applications which you can use. This application is rather highly rated as it allows users to set up the best wireless internet connection possible.

NetSpot is the perfect example of how professional features can be combined with simplicity and usability. This application is quite suitable for users who wish to set a better wireless internet connection through their desktops.


NetSpot Internet Booster Android App


There are also two Wi-Fi analysis modes which users can use for a quick scan and an in-depth survey. Professionals can also use this as a tool to optimize enterprise networks.

Pros: Can be used with ease, has powerful features, Reliability, Affordable, and has great customer support

Cons: None


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