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Top 10 Quran English Apps on Google Play APK

Have you ever found it hard to carry the Quran everywhere, especially when you are commuting to work? If you have an Android phone, you can read Quran anytime and anywhere by simply downloading Quran English Apps on Google Play. If it is the month of Ramadan or you are traveling, downloading a Quran app really comes handy.

Most of us have a routine to recite Quran every day. Therefore, it is best to download an app. So, it can be easier to read Quran from anywhere without having to carry one along. These are some of the best Quran apps for Android to read on a daily basis. We have reviewed them to make it easier for you to choose the best one.


Best Quran English Apps

These apps can even help the beginners who want to start reciting the Quran and the ones who have specific needs like Hafiz e Qurans. You will find a very intuitive and plain interface in most of them. It is up to you to decide which one you are very comfortable with.


Here is the list of Top 10 Quran English Apps available on Google Play


Quran English

Quran English is a digital Koran/Quran with word-to-word English transaction and it also supports mp3 audio murattal, 30 Juz or Quran 114 Surah with no limitation. Simply slide the screen to go to Juz or Surah. You can read the Quran in landscape or portrait mode. To further improve readability and save battery, this app also features dark themes.


Quran English App

You can also play, pause, repeat, and switch to the next or previous verse. The translation has been done by Tafsir Al-Jalalayn and Saheeh International. You can also copy, save and bookmark the verses and even mark them to the last read.


Quran for Android

Built by Quran.com, Quran for Android comes with all the amazing features like jump options and searches, night mode, smooth reading interface, navigation using volume buttons and also translation to 32 languages.


Quran for Android

These are some of the features make it the best Quran app for Android. After installing the Quran for Android, it will ask you to download some important files to recite the Quran offline.


Al Quran (Free)

Al Quran has been used by millions of people across the world. It translates the Quran in different languages. You can also bookmark holy verses and save them to “My Favorites” section.


Al Quran English Apps

Al Quran also allows you to personalize the style of text and appearance and the way you would like to recite. You can also zoom, change the font size, and read the text with ease.


Read Quran Offline

As the name suggests, Read Quran Offline lets you recite the whole Quran on your Android tablet or Smartphone offline, i.e. without having to download additional files.


Read Quran Offline

It is because the app is 35MB in size or more, which means this app is downloaded with these files at once. Hence, you do not need to go online to access the Quran on the go.


MP3 Quran

You can listen to the surah and verses of the whole Quran in MP3 format with this app. Even better, you do not even have to turn on your mobile data to listen to this app.

MP3 Quran App

It has over 100s of leading Quran reciters to choose from. You can choose your favorite reciter to listen to. It provides high-quality audio and you can also download Surah in the app.


Al Quran ul-Kareem – Holy Quran

Just like Reading Quran Offline, Al Quran ul-Kareem does not need downloading additional files. This app contains the entire Holy Quran in itself. You just have to download this app.


Al Quran ul-Kareem – Holy Quran

After installing this app, you can recite the whole Quran without going online any further. It is very readable thanks to its simple user interface for a good reading experience.


Quran with Urdu Translation

As the name suggests, the Quran with Urdu Translation lets you to access Urdu translation very easily. It is especially designed for those who prefer to listen to the Holy Quran in Urdu or read in the same language.


Quran with Urdu Translation

Along with reading and listening to the Urdu translation, you can also listen to the verses translated into various other languages, such as Chinese, Dutch, French, and Persian. Therefore, it is not limited to the Urdu language only. Hence, this app is complete in itself.


Al Quran MP3 – Quran Reading

Al Quran MP3 is the best-suited app to read and memorize the Quran. If you are looking for Quran’s audio version, this Quran reading app is perfect to listen to it anytime and anywhere.


Al Quran MP3 App

You can get full audio recitation, transliteration, and translation of the whole Quran. You can definitely improve the knowledge of Islam with this app and learn about religion without having to consult anyone.


Holy Quran (16 Lines per page)

Holy Quran app has been developed to meet the needs of those who have already read and memorized the whole Quran, i.e. Hafiz e Quran.


Holy Quran App

Each page has been designed so well that it displays 16 lines only for each. Even if you have memorized Quran, this app comes handy.


Learn Quran

With Learn Quran app, you can learn how to recite the Holy Quran along with all the basics to do that. It is ideal for those who do not have an experienced teacher to learn how to recite the Quran.


Learn Quran- Quran English App

Learn Quran, as the name suggests, is a very helpful app to learn faster and easier.



We hope you have liked the list of best Quran apps for Android with a detailed description for each. If you are still having trouble choosing the best one, you can feel free to ask us and our team would be more than happy to help you. They can guide you to choose the best app. If you think that we missed any important app that should be on this list, please let us know. We will try to review it and add the best Quran English Apps on Google Play on this list.



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