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ToolWiz, the makers of the world’s most popular freeware, is now bringing you ToolWiz Photos. With only 5 engineers, 2 of them with congenital haemophilia having to stay in bed for over 30 years, our team have made 10+ best freeware for all of you.

ToolWiz Photos is an entire new way to organize your photos. You can easily search, organize, beautify, compress and hide your photos in seconds, simplifying your photo management and saving phone storage with ToolWiz Photos.

Organize your photo gallery
Now you can easily view all memorable photos in ToolWiz Photos, or even add tags to photos, making it easier to locate any shot that’s important to you in seconds. All the photos listed in our gallery – can be sorted based on the date the photo was taken. It’s easy to copy and move photos from one album to another with a few simple steps.

Take control of your privacy
It’s hard to keep your stuff private when you hand your phone to someone else. Private Album makes it possible to lock your sensitive photos with password – giving you freedom to control over who sees what.

#Fake password.
Setting up a fake password can fool anyone into entering a fake Private Gallery. This is a nice little trick to deal with the event you have to open up your Privacy Gallery to someone you care about .

Smart beautification
We all want to look good in the selfies we share with the world. ToolWiz Photos helps you to beautify photos – whiten and smooth face skin – easy saving and easy sharing. To make it as vivid as real, we added a new drawing tool to let you draw what you see, and a caption tool to write what you want to say.

Intelligent compression
You won’t have to wait to share photos with your friends because of file-size problem. You will reduce the size of photos while still keeping the high quality. The compressor does all the work – automatically compress your shots best for sharing and minimise the storage as low as it could.

Be gone, duplicates
Always there are times when you’re bothered by duplicate photos. Our Duplicates Remover can intelligently scan your whole gallery to locate all the duplicates, then it’s up to you to decide whether to remove them or not. So your gallery will never end up getting cluttered and messy.

Key Features:
Public Album
. Sort photos based on Date, Size and album.
. Touch and hold single photo to compress or edit, or move, or hide, or delete, or directly share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest or other social platforms.
. It combines multiple photos to make amazing collages and makes you a popular photo editor.

Private Album
. All the hidden photos will be stored in here.
. Add new album folder and customize folder name.
. Use password to protect your Private Album, convenient to switch between.
. Take photo of the intruders who failed to login up to three times.
. The tricky fake gallery protects you from snoopers.

Photo Duplicates
. Automatically search all the duplicate photos and list on your device.
. Single-tap to select all, double tap to select the copies you want to delete, tap ONE-TAP TO DELETE to remove them all at once.

Photo Compressor
. Select the photos you want to reduce size, single or all.
. Tap ONE TAP TO COMPRESS, it will easily and automatically compress the photos in seconds.
Password and Security
. Set up a security question and answer on your account for future forgotten password resets.
. Set up a password or pattern lock to protect your Private Album. You can change it any time in Settings.
. Set up a fake password to create an access to a fake gallery.

Contact us
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If you have any question about ToolWiz Photos, please send an email to [email protected]

Size : 5.5M
Current Version : 3.4
Requires Android : 3.0 and up
Offered By : Toolwiz Freeware


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