To-Do Calendar Planner APK

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The ultimate personal organizer!
. Use a powerful task list that supports batch operations
. Enjoy a fully scrollable calendar with daily, weekly and monthly view
. Define your personal goals and link them to tasks
. Draw your own notes and attach them to tasks and appointments
. Schedule your tasks directly on the calendar
. Set multiple reminders for tasks and appointments
. Divide your tasks into subtasks
. Get organized with a daily step-by-step routine
. Choose your Widgets from 8 different sizes
. Make an audio recording and attach it to your tasks and appointments
. Attach files and photos to your tasks and appointments
. Sync with your Google Calendar without effort
. Attach Google Maps locations to your tasks and appointments
. Use the Clean-Up feature to easily prioritize your task list
. Find suggestions for your goals to pursue
. Set repeating tasks and appointments
. Convert your tasks, goals, notes and appointments into each other
Advanced features (Plus Version Upgrade):
. Synchronize your To-Do list with Google Tasks
. Create backups and restore them
. Time your tasks with a To-Do list Timer
. Have the option to reset all your tasks or appointments
. Protect your data with a password
. Export your data to CSV files

With egoTimer you can:
…orient yourself toward your goals
…prepare each day with care using a calendar and a to-do list
…balance your professional and your private life
…focus on the most important tasks
…never forget ideas or appointments



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  • I would love to try this, but cannot get it to sync with google calendar or won’t connect to get to the paid version. Otherwise, it might just work for me if I could get that

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