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“If you connect your time with those who
share your interests and the people you hang out with,
you will be able to plan an even more outstanding future.”
This is a “new calendar” app that allows you to connect only the necessary people with the necessary times.

Fantastic for:
+ People who are coming home late from a night out and want to tell their wives
+ People who want to make a note of when it’s their turn to take out the trash
+ Couples who want to find out when each other is free
+ Sorting out a day for members of the same hobby group to get together for drinks

[To put it simply, TimeTree is…] ·A popular app that’s based on a simple and easy-to-use calendar
· Able to use appointments made on your smartphone calendar or Google calendar
·Able to easily send and share your appointments and schedule via LINE
· An easy-to-use appointment management app from the perspective of diary users
·Able to create both a private and shared calendar in one app
·An app that makes it possible to use a calendar in a way suited to who it is shared with (spouses, couples)
·A space for communication regarding each appointment
·A place where you can easily chat to check on times and where your groupmates are
·Somewhere where you can make posts and send pictures, and enjoy leaving behind a fun memento of your day to look back on in the future!

[TimeTree is popular among…] ·Couples who want to share and manage their appointments on one calendar
·People who worry about if they’ve properly informed the other party of their plans
·Married couples who want to share appointments such as garbage day or when they are eating out
·People who often organize destinations and times over LINE or twitter
·Groups who wish to collect and update information about events somewhere where everyone can see it
·People who collectively want to share and make a note of certain events so that no one misses out.
·People who want to share timetables with classmates. It’s also great for study thanks to the sharing of information regarding tests and cancelled lectures
·Co-workers who want to share shift information. It also allows for a space where people can swap shifts smoothly
·People who want to use it like a personal diary full of posts and photos of each event

[How to Use] ·You can have multiple calendars
·You can use each calendar on your own or send an invitation to someone to share your calendar
·If you update or add a new appointment onto your calendar, everyone in the share group can see it
·You can talk about each appointment listed in your shared calendar with the group
·You can start using this app by copying over all of your Google Calendar data.

How about using TimeTree, a popular free-to-use app that’s a hot topic on twitter, as your 2016 schedule?
We value each user’s opinion, so please feel free to leave us your opinions and impressions (and maybe even a few words of praise!) as feedback!

We can only tell you how happy we are that our app is being talked about in so many places. Thank you very much.

·Product Hunt

Size : 18M
Current Version : 2.0.1
Requires Android : 4.0.3 and up
Offered By : JUBILEE WORKS, Inc.


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