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Shaykh Abd al Qadir al rahimahullah Isa says in his book Haqaiiq Tasawuf at the chapter on the benefits of dhikr:

Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya said [in his book Al-kalam wâbil assayib minal has Tayyab] about the benefits of dhikr:

“There is the dhikr over a hundred benefits

1 – He cast out Satan, and represses the breeze.

2 – He leads the approval of God.

3 – It eliminates the worries and anxieties of the heart.

4 – He brings the heart of joy and gladness.

5 – It illuminates the face and heart.

6 – It strengthens the heart and body.

7 – He draws sustenance.

8 – It is the invocation of respect, of sweetness and pleasing appearance.

9 – It is acquiring the love that is the spirit of Islam, the religion of the motor and the axis of happiness and salvation. God raised up a cause to everything and that of love (of God) is inscribed in the continuity of the practice of dhikr. Whoever wants to win the love of God should be mentioned often. Is that dhikr is the gateway to love, his greatest symbol and its way over the right.

10 – He acquired the invocation of self-censorship (self-observation) and the fact of getting into the door leading to the degree of ihssan (perfection). Thus, he will worship God as if the saw. So there is the carefree no other way to the rank of the ihssan than the dhikr, the same way as that which can never sit still reach his home (by walking ).



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