The Zueira’s Voice APK

The Zueira’s Voice

The Zueira’s Voice is an app that allows you to generate audio from text with the Google Voice Translator (voice of Philip, translator’s voice, the narrator’s voice) fastest Google Play. Create audio and share it with your friends!The app features the voice of Philip’s voice Manoel (voice of Eusebio), voice of Chinese, voice and voice jabiraca Jabiroco. New voices will be added soon!

There is no character limit! =)

You can save the audio and use so offline.

The app uses its own server is not used any server without authorization. The costs of the server are beginning to increase due to the growing number of users, so there is a small banner that does not prejudge in any way the operation of the app.

Have fun! Good zueira!

What’s New

Added italian, german and french voices!

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Additional information

The Zueira’s Voice
2.01 MB
1,000,000+ downloads
Developed By
Bruno Piovan

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