The Best Restaurant Games Apps You Must Have on your Android Phone APK

It takes a lot of patience, dedication, and hard work in running a restaurant successfully. Being a restaurateur is one of the most rewarding yet challenging businesses in the world. You also have to run ads and promos to attract customers. If you have a dream to know how being a restaurant mogul or a manager feels like, download the best restaurant games apps and enjoy.


Here are the best restaurant games you must have on your android phone to try.

Food Street

In the list of the best restaurant games apps, Food Street is a fast-paced, complex restaurant game that comes with the flavor of vivid characters and a busy 3D city environment. Here, you have to serve your customers by planning, managing, and decorating your restaurant.


Food Street best restaurant games apps

There is no time limitation here. Therefore, you are free to cook your specialties and serve your customers on your own. You can farm your ingredients organically, which is quite a welcome and realistic feature in this game. You can later up your farming by expanding your land and growing more produce when your business starts growing.


Cafeland – World Kitchen

Cafeland – World Kitchen is a fast-paced, competitive restaurant game. Here, you need to serve different dishes from different countries to the guests as well as international celebs. You can customize the interior, as you like. You can find hundreds of types of equipment and decorations as you like.

Best Restaurant Games Apps

There are also various restaurant settings available to choose from, such as a seafood store, a bistro, a cool restaurant, and a deli. You can earn points or stars and use them for expansion.


Restaurant Paradise

Set in the theme of the iconic Sim City, Restaurant Paradise: Sim Game adds the addictive layer of city managing and city building to restaurant management. It makes the players create their own foodie paradise on a tropical island. Then, you can add a lot of restaurants offering dishes from different countries.


Restaurant Paradise Best Restaurant Games App

To improve the quality of the meals, there are varieties of ingredients to buy. You can run food fairs and sales for more money, upgrade your restaurants to serve more customers, complete the tasks for great rewards, and unlock great items and foodies. You can also add friends, explore other restaurant islands, see yourself on the Coin and Charm Leaderboard, and help your friend’s businesses.



Who doesn’t love burgers? Even the most dedicated and strict diet-conscious people and vegans scavenge to see what is new every now and then. Hence, you can also find a huge range of vegan burgers. As the name suggests, Burger is another delicious restaurant game for Android you must try.


Burger Best Restaurant Games App


In this the game, you are hired as a burger expert by a leading fast food joint. You need to select the right ingredients for delightful Bun+Patty combos and serve as many guests as possible. There are two game modes in Burger – Time Attack Mode and Career Mode.

In Career Mode, you will face very tough challenges to raise funds, unlock achievements, and collect more ingredients. In Time Attack mode, you have to attend to the specific number of guests within a given time. It has over 40 achievements and 300 levels, delicious side dishes, lots of ingredients, and desserts.


My Cafe: Recipes and Stories

My Café: Recipes and Stories is one of the best restaurant games apps you must have on your Android phone. It features delightful coffees, mouth-watering baked goodies, and tasty story lines. The story behind the game is set in a secluded small town. Here, you need to build a diner, bakery, or a restaurant from scratch with Ann, your friendly companion.

In that case, you have to hire staff, buy matching furniture, design and decorate the venue, and set prices on the menu. Like any other restaurant game, you have to find a lot of new recipes for hot drinks, coffees, baked goodies, and meals. However, you should consider the features before playing this game.


My Cafe: Recipes and Stories

First of all, you need to make your own strategy and decide whether you want to be a bold, risky gambler or play it safe for constant and slow growth. Hence, this feature adds a dash of reality to its exciting gameplay experience.

Another great and unique feature in this game is building a strong bond with your regular customers, engaging in healthy gossiping and learning stories of people. The way you respond to the people and cement the relationships guides your own story.


World Chef

World Chef is a leader in fine dining and international cuisine serving. There is just a small humble restaurant at the beginning. It goes without saying that this game is based on turning a small restaurant into a great haven of dining.


Best Restaurant Games AppsYou are tasked to add world-leading maestros to your kitchen and expand your menu. In addition, you have to decorate it with exclusive items, trade and buy premium ingredients and cater to the VIP guests to make it a Michelin-star worthy restaurant.


Burger Shop Free

As a restaurant game for Android, Burger Shop Free has an unusual story. First, you will get some blueprints in the mail. These are the blueprints of a weird food-making machine “BurgerTron”. After building this contraption, you will be able to open a restaurant.


Burger Shop Free android app

This is a tasty and fun way to spend some time. Also, the app has unlimited play as a time management game. In addition, it features several game modes –


  • Story Mode– To create a whole burger empire while exploring the mysteries of BurgerTron.
  • Challenge Mode– It features amazingly fast-paced, 1-minute rounds.
  • Relax Mode to chill out
  • Expert Story mode when you become a pro.

For Expert Story Mode and Story Mode, there are 80 levels for each, 8 different restaurants, over 60 food items, and 96 trophies for you to earn.


Cafeland – World Kitchen

Cafeland – World Kitchen has a loyal and huge fan base thanks to its multi-faceted, fast-paced gameplay. Well, it is just like most of the other restaurant games.


Cafeland – World Kitchen android app


You have to make a snack bar famous by expanding it to become a world-famous restaurant to serve various international masterpieces. Once your restaurant is visited by some of the leading stars, you are all set.


Bottom Line

We hope you liked our list of the Best Restaurant Games Apps for Android. Also, if you have any suggestions or we missed anything, leave your feedback in the comment section below.


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