The Android application has become one of the most popular applications out there due to the availability of hundreds of thousands of downloadable apps. One of such apps is the sports app. The Sports app gives you the opportunity to stay updated on recent sports activities and news while you are on the move. Basically, you can quickly check the ESPN sports app to confirm goals between Manchester United and Barcelona, before your flight to London takes off from the United States of America.

With Android sports apps, you can achieve a variety of activities like seeing live actions, viewing live scores and updating yourself on recent news.


ESPN is one of the most popular sports app out there and if you are a fan of sport, the ESPN is a must have sports app on your phone. It brings users the latest sports information from the world of sports. Such information includes live scores, breaking news, and expert analysis on matches and events.

One great thing about the ESPN sports app is that you can choose whatever field or game you want updates on. ESPN sports app is a free app but it has its paid version where you have to subscribe. He pain version includes features like live streaming of videos and live games on your device.

2.CBS Sports

CBS sports app work just like ESPN and keeps you updated on events, live scores, games, analysis, news, and breaking news. A user can also select the type of game they would like to view these updates and events. Users can also have access yo on-demand game highlight videos, professional analysis on games and events. CBS sports app can give a user access to the CBS sports radio for live broadcasts, and High Quality channel for the best video quality for live streaming.


This app is essential for all basketball fans. The app provides access to news, events, live scores, statistics, and highlight videos. Users also have the opportunity to subscribe to premium version and have access to premium NBA contents, interviews, press conferences, and live streaming of sports in HQ.

4.FIFA official app

FIFA official app keeps all users informed about happenings, including events and live scores, on the world of football all around the globe. Expectantly one of the most popular apps in the list, FIFA is great for football fans. With the FIFA app, you can view breaking news, exclusive video, interviews, and professional critique of games, wholesome coverage of FIFA games like World Cup, AFCON, Common Wealth Games, and more.


The NHL is just as great as ESPN and CBS Sports—maybe not as popular. The free version gives you an array of access to live scores, events analysis of your favorite team, notifications, latest news and updates while users can also subscribe to the premium which gives an ad free experience and live streaming of games on demand.


The sport app is praised for its user friendly interface, and just like other sports app on the list, gives you sports update on the go. Eurosport app gives great features like live game streaming, web chatting, news (with more than 150 news article running every day), calendar, games made into reality with live texts. The app covers some of the most popular sports on earth and offers view access to some of the most celebrated sports men and women.

7.The Score

The Score is a sports app that offers news update on games, analysis, scores and also breaking news in the world of sports. The Score also provide the calendar feature which a user can use to keep track of upcoming sports clash. The app also lets you follow its games and players and also embeds social media icon with which you can use to share stories whenever you want to.

8.Yahoo Sports.

Yahoo sports is a free app and it offers features like news, stories, updates, live scores, statistics, and other events in the world of sports. The app also allows access to games in popular sports events and bodies like NACAR, NBA, NFL, soccer, and a host of others.


Team stream is a break off the norm type of sports app. It doesn’t give you access to games but basically provides access to news, updates and events of your most favorite team. It can give you personalized notifications on actions by your favorite team.

10.Forzza app

When I first came across this app, I thought it was a Puerto Rican app; I didn’t know it was the most comprehensive mobile app for sports news, match schedules, games, scores. The app also has an online community where you can join and talk about sports. It’s a favorite app for the lovers of football as the app gives you access to other lovers of the sport. The app also gives you the opportunity to choose between your favorite teams so that you can be sent automatic notifications on the selected teams.

In conclusion, all the apps on this list are great enough for any user. The difference mainly is the taste of the user. ESPN, CBS Sports, FIFA Official app, and the likes represent long established sports app; there are also much newer ones. APK Apps also differ in their mode of service: whether the user wants specialized news on players and teams or general news. When it is all said and done, it is dependent on what you want.        


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