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Overclock can be harm to your hardware.
Use at your own risk.
Please read this description before installing.
This is a very sensitive program in regard to hardware and kernel. Not a common android app! So you have to check WHAT DEVICES are available.
Fully customed roms are suited own dev’s taste.
It breaks the stock hardware driver rules, so this won’t work on CM, MIUI, AOxP if they don’t use the stock kernel.
Please try to understand what overclocking is before blaming me around here…. PLEASE!!!!
Google app devs can’t contact you via Play Store comments. If you have somthing to tell me or ask me, Please send me an email.
[email protected]
Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Note 10.1 with JellyBean are available now!
Check available models and use free version first before you buy.
What is this?
This is for family of Galaxy Note II(Exynos4412), Galaxy Note 10.1(Exynos4412), Galaxy S III(Exynos4412), Galaxy Note(Exynos4210), Galaxy Note LTE(MSM8660), Galaxy S II(Exynos4210), Galaxy S II LTE(MSM8660), Galaxy S(Hummingbird), Galaxy Player(Hummingbird), Galaxy Tab(7.0)(Hummingbird), Galaxy Tab 7.0+(Exynos4210) and Galaxy Tab 7.7(Exynos4210) devices.
You can set maximum CPU frequency of your device on available models EASILY.
This works with STOCK kernel, STOCK rom, many custom kernels and roms. (Not available on CM, MIUI and AOxP) You just need to do rooting.
Available models
Galaxy S III(Exynos4412) – Android 2.3/4.0/4.1
Galaxy S II(Exynos4210) – Android 2.3 / 4.0
Galaxy S II LTE(MSM8660) – Android 2.3 / 4.0
Galaxy Note(Exynos4210) – Android 2.3 / 4.0
Galaxy Note LTE(MSM8660) – Android 2.3 / 4.0
Galaxy Note II(Exynos4412) – Android 4.1
Galaxy Note 10.1(Exynos4412) – Android 4.1
Galaxy S(Hummingbird) – Android 2.2 / 2.3
Galaxy Player(Hummingbird) – Android 2.2 / 2.3
Galaxy Tab(7.0)(Hummingbird) – Android 2.3
Galaxy Tab 7.0+(Exynos4210) – Android 3.2
Galaxy Tab 7.7(Exynos4210) – Android 3.2
See details about available models at here.
Features on Ultimate
*Profile management
– profiles are stored in /sdcard/tegrak/overclock/*.oc
*Lock GPU clock to 267MHz (Galaxy S II/Galaxy Note/Galaxy Tab 7.0+)
*Set customized GPU clock. (Galaxy S II/Galaxy Note/Galaxy Tab 7.0+)
*Set customized GPU voltage. (Galaxy S II/Galaxy Note/Galaxy Tab 7.0+)
*Set scaling governor and min/max frequency.
*2×1 and 3×1 home screen widgets
*Set customized frequency (1.0 ~ 2.0 GHz)
*Set customized voltage (750 ~ 1400 mV, OV or UV available)
*Available set last settings on boot automatically.
– Stability checking background service is turned on about 5 minutes every time when you change settings.
– If your device freeze or shutdown while it is running, app will show you popup to apply the last setting on boot.
*Show ARM core voltage at max frequency.
*Show your device information
*Free from Advertisement
*Tweaks (Io Scheduler)
Features on Free
*Lock GPU clock to 267MHz (Galaxy S II/Galaxy Note)
*Set scaling governor and min/max frequency.
*Set cpu max frequency
– Galaxy S: 1.0 ~ 1.3GHz
– Galaxy S II: 1.2 ~ 1.452GHz
– Galaxy Note: 1.4 ~ 1.6GHz
– Galaxy Tab 7.0+: 1.4 ~ 1.6GHz
*Show ARM core voltage at max frequency.
*Show your device information
*Tweaks (Io Scheduler)
About voltage control
Galaxy S II/Galaxy Note Gingerbread: +-25 step
Galaxy S Froyo: +-25 step
Galaxy S Gingerbread: +-1 step
How to use?
First, click “Load overclock module.
Second, click “CPU max frequency” and choose one frequency from preset options.
You can control more detailed option in “Optimization” menu.
More features will be added 🙂
See details about available models at here.
If you are using Galaxy S or Galaxy Tab and your device is not in available models
please let me know your device’s model number
For Devs,
Please set this option in your kernel config.



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