Tasbeeh With ALLAH Dhikr APK

Dual Tasbeeh with both “Actual Tasbeeh Experience” as well as the “Digital Way”!!!
This app lets you learn, count, save & maintain the dhikr you do to improve your spiritual connection with Allah.

– Toggle yourself between ACTUAL & DIGITAL experience.
– Create, save and update your daily dhikr WAZAIFS as many as you like, yourself by entering the name, starting value and counter limit.
– Bead-fall sound effects (Enable/Disable Supported)
– Bead-fall vibrate effects (Enable/Disable Supported)
– Keep the screen always awake(active) (Enable/Disable Supported)
– Counter limit notification with long vibration
– Reset counter, Decrement count one-by-one or Enter your current value which ever you like
– Full screen Touch/Drag has been provided, so now you don't have to look at screen all the time. You can tap or just swipe down anywhere on the screen and it counts the Dhikr for you.
– No need to save manually, just leave the app where ever you want, all your progress will be saved automatically.

– 12+ Languages support:
العربية, فارسی, اردو, English, 中国的, Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, Indonesia, Melayu, Pусский, Español, Türk.
– 99 Asma ul Husna with their translation and benefits by authentic sources
– Dhikrs list with their translations and Hadith references
– Easily Share the Dhikr data on your social network profile.

***Please enjoy this Free App and remember us in your Prayers!***
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 This app is supported via adds. This is a way to deliver this to you for free. Thank you for your understanding.

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