Tasbeeh counter: zikr, tasbih APK

eTasbih has the following features to offer:

• Very convenient for everyday uses of Muslims to prayers and make tesbihat, wird and zikr after namaz.
• Phrase Groups:
• • Asma ul-Husna
• • Asma un-Nabi (s.a.w.)
• • Tasbihat
• The app started publishing on Ramadan's last day of 1434 / 2013.
• English transliteration mode also available.
• Provides the facility of adding custom Phrases for zekr.
• A detailed tasbih digital view where tapping on the screen counts as a single bead. The tasbeeh counter along with a session timer is displayed.
• You may pause or resume any session at any time.
• Idle time detection auto-pauses.
• Full history view of all counts and times performed. The history / log view can be configured.
• 4 Themes support.
• Fully customizable interface with configurable sounds and vibrations.
• Multi-tasking and work on background mode.
• Contains important functionality of iSubha, iOS-application
• AutoPlay – auto counter functionality.
• Black screen & Full screen modes.
• Decrease the count of subha by 1.
• The tasbeeh counter with No Ads.


What’s New

• Version 3.4.0 – 3.8.0:
— Improved Black Screen Counter Mode, Action & Status Bar.
— Fixed Overflow Menu for Old Versions of Android.
— Fixed Bug for Samsung Androids /Jelly Bean.

• Version 3.3.0:
— Improved Tasbeeh Statistics & Black Screen Counter Mode

• Version 3.2.0:
— Added Daily Average Counted Tasbeeh Statistics

• Version 2.9.0 – 3.1.0:
— Added Daily Tasbeeh Counter
— Added Daily Reports & Statistics
— Added Custom Step Increase / Decrease

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Tasbeeh counter: zikr, tasbih
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