Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder APK

Tape-a-Talk is a recorder for easy audio & voice recording. Pause, seek rewind/forward in record mode, like with a dictation machine. Tape-a-Talk picks up audio in high quality, even when the display is off. No time limit!

Main features
•  High quality audio
•  Pause & Seek (Rewind/Fast-Forward)
•  Start recording from the widgets
Edit, Organize, Share
•  Cut, rename & delete recordings. •  Sort by file name, size, or date to •  Mail, upload or send by third-party applications.
•  Highly configurable.
•  Record e.g. to the external sd card, •  Use the phone keys for seeking through recordings
•  Quality, Filename, etc.

The free version already gives you powerful functions to make use of your device's hardware. You can even configure Tape-a-Talk to be a replacement for your old, analog dictation machine. If you need even higher quality for professional use, consider the Pro version Tape-a-Talk Pro Voice Recorder.

Additional Features of the Pro Version
Enthusiast Quality
Record in even higher quality by ramping up the sample rate to 44.1kHz.
Customize Further
Set a custom file name schema or custom mail recipients.
Your Personal Touch
Give the app your personal touch – choose from a range of colors to spice up the interface.

If you like the app, leave a positive comment in the Play Store ratings. That already helps us a lot. If you have any comments, criticism or would like to get in touch with the developers, leave us an email.

Please note: Tape-a-Talk is not a call recorder. Call recording has never been supported and will not be supported in the future.

Permissions explained
– write to external storage (to store recordings)
– record audio
– change settings (to set ringtone)

What’s New

fixed bug which caused the app to crash when setting recording as a ringtone.

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Additional information

Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder
2.32 MB
1,000,000+ downloads
Developed By
Markus Drösser


  • I’m using Tapeatalk with Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean), edited the path to record audio in SD card but still it records to the phone’s local memory.

    I checked over and over the path with a File Explorer and it is /storage/external_SD/tapeatalk
    I also tried /mnt/storage/external_SD/tapeatalk but nothing, it’s being saved to the memory.

    Is there any suggestion?

  • My files are stored on my internal storage. I need them to be stored on my SD card, but I can’t find an option to switch it. They used to be stored on the SD card, but not any more.

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