Talking SMS and Caller ID FREE APK

Let the app speak out you, who is calling and sending you messages.
This free version is completely free of any advertisements and has the core functionality of the pro version. The pro version on the other hand is highly configurable and has additional features.
Talking SMS and Caller ID ( also known as Spoken caller name) is an android application which speaks up the name of the calling person or the person sending SMS. This application also has the ability to speak the sms contents.

Features (Not all available in the free version)
1.Speaks the name of the calling person when your phone is ringing
2.Speaks the name of the SMS sender as soon as the SMS arrives
3.Reads SMS contents (available in paid version only)
4.Avoid reading unknown SMS. That is, only read SMS from your contacts (available in paid version only)
5.Remains silent when your ringer volume is silent – no speech for call or SMS
6.Supports quite on turn or flip. It may be inappropriate at times for the speech to continue. For example a very long SMS is sent by your friend and you don’t it all to be read out. You can flip or turn your phone and the speech stops (available in paid version only)
7.Custom speech settings for SMS and Call. For example instead of having spoken caller name saying Maria is calling, you might like to change it to say Call from Maria (available in paid version only)
8.No ringtone while speech. This is achieved by setting Silent ringtone from Settings -> Sound -> Phone ringtone ->Silent ringtone
9.Ability to change Speech pitch and speed of the speech


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