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Systweak Android Cleaner is a powerful and effective app to optimize your device’s performance. Primarily, the app cleans junk files, saves battery, and deletes duplicate files to retrieve space and improve overall device performance.

Features of Systweak Android Cleaner:

 −Scheduled Cleaning (cache cleaner and RAM optimizer)

Cleaning phone cache and optimizing RAM manually is a tough job. Scheduled cleaning is one of the best features of Systweak Android Cleaner. It boosts your phone’s performance automatically. If you don’t want to set a schedule, you can also do it manually by tapping on Phone Boost button.

 −Junk File Cleaner (clutter remover)

Junk files take up a lot of device space unnecessarily. Android devices get cluttered with hundreds of junk files after prolonged usage. Junk File Cleaner module detects and securely removes this clutter, frees up space and improves phone speed.

 −Battery Saver (battery rejuvenator)

One of the major concerns of Android users is that the device battery gets drained very quickly. Battery Saver detects and closes apps that are not in use but are still running in the background to sync data and perform other silent tasks. It also shows the temperature of your device.

 −Game Booster (better gaming experience)

It’s frustrating when you experience performance or stability issues while playing games on your device. Game Booster option frees up valuable resources and RAM which is much needed for playing games, resulting in smoother, more responsive game play. It also suspends any processes running in the background temporarily for your gaming pleasure.

 −Manage Storage Efficiently (App Manager)

‘App Manger’ detects and displays space-hogging apps that you no longer use. You can uninstall and disable such apps along with leftover data after app uninstallation. This helps you recover considerable amount of storage, boost RAM and reduce battery consumption. You can also take a backup of .apk files using Archive option before deleting them.

 −File Explorer (manage your files efficiently)

File Explorer helps you manage files stored on your device efficiently and easily. It works as a smart viewer to categorize files. You can share, take backup of your files and even delete them using File Explorer.

 −Duplicate Files Remover (space saver)

It thoroughly scans your device for duplicate files based on content, file name and file type and displays them in a categorized way. By default, duplicates are auto marked for deletion except for the original source copy. The auto marked files can be deleted to recover precious space used up by duplicate files.

 −Hibernate (hibernation module)

The Hibernate module helps to save maximum battery by hibernating apps which are not in use or have been inactive for a long time. This prevents your device from the much-dreaded battery drain.

 −New Additions:

 −Hidden Files

This module helps you view, archive, rename and delete hidden files stored on your device. You cannot see such files as they are hidden from normal view.

 −WhatsApp Module

When running low on space, you can use this feature to view all WhatsApp media including images, videos, audio files and documents etc. sent and received at one place. You can then delete unwanted media to save space and improve device performance.

 −Notification Module

Receiving constant notifications from the apps installed on your Android device can be very irritating. The Notification module helps suppress notifications of selected apps from being displayed in the notification bar. These notifications can be viewed later as per user’s convenience.

What’s New

Introducing New Features & Fresh Dashboard UI
1. Hidden Files: To see/edit hidden files/Folder
2. WhatsApp: To see send and receives Files with preview
3. Notification: To manage Apps Notifications easily.
4. Improved Scan Engine.

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Systweak Android Cleaner
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