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Super Z Warriors 1.1.1 APK

Final saiyan – last warrior of universe

AFter a time training with master of strongest zeno god in universe, goku comback and find a new crude warrior team want to kill all god and destroy universe.

Saiyans were an extraterrestrial species native from the 6th Universe, hailing from planet "Sadal". They were this Universe's counterpart to the Saiyan race of the 7th Universe, and were hired to stop crime, becoming a peaceful warrior race that brings down evil.
Almost Saiyan are kind, but one day – when the dark saiyan appear – big greate monkey transformation, he want to destroy the universe and become saiyan XenoVerse ?

Who can prevent the universe and earth destroy from him ?

Join the game and training hard to achive ssj, ssgss and unlock many combo and evil limitbreaker skill. To be the last saiyan and defeat the god of destroy.
– Move left,right, fly, down, kick, hit, block, ki charge, skill power : kameha, spirit bomb, ….

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