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It’s a super software and a multi-functional combination applying to life,travel and military combat. As a veritable Swiss Knife, it includes twelve functions of simple measure, flashlight, compass, bubble level, cross vertical measure, plumb, distance measure and magnifier. Besides, a cool desktop widget is also supported.
The small-sized software, which can even be installed into the SD card, will be a necessary for your Android mobile phone.
Detailed features:
1.Simple Measure: A combination of Ruler and Protractor. Ruler: Providing accurate scale in centimeters and inches on the phone screen with a calibration function, and supporting dynamic measurements. Diagonal ruler supports dynamic measurements. Protractor: Measuring angles from 0 to 180. The size of different angles can be read accurately and dynamically.
2.Flashlight: Very easy to operate. New Version: Move the switch to the menu frame to make it more convenient to use.
3.Compass: Simulating a real compass with practical and precise orientation instructions and the dynamical current direction of the phone is shown.
4.Bubble level:Simulating a real bubble level to check whether the objects are level. If they are level, the bubble will remain at the center of the level; if not, the bubble will move to the higher.
5.Cross vertical measure: If open the camera, a live-action as the screen background, visually telling you whether the items or pictures are hung crooked, and the angle of deviation can be learned too. With its help, do not worry about whether the photos are hung crooked any more.
6.Plumb: Simulating the plumb to tell people whether the items are vertical and showing the angle of deviation as long as the camera is on.
7.Distance measure: Simple 3 steps, using your phone to measure the distance between any object and you as well as its height.
8.Magnifier: Turn your phone into a digital magnifying glass with built-in camera. It’s helpful when you need to read tiny print or just can’t be bothered to wear your glasses.
9.Noise checking: Check the intensity of noise around you and tell you the current dB of the noise.
10.Warning Light: The screen will show different striking light to send out a warning information.

Size : 17M
Current Version : 2.0.6
Requires Android : 2.3 and up



  • Thank you for your priceless support through my ongoing issues with this I A G2 not accepting misdiagnosis of myself . Hopefully this will all come to pass this time for I have always been one of the biggest fans of your services but due to my dilemmas I’ve been kept away.
    Raul De LA Torre

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