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Super Mario – Top Tips and Tricks to Excel the Game like a Boss APK

Many people have had a lot of memories with Super Mario as they spend a lot of hours to beat the silly thing. Most of us still love this game. Thankfully, Super Mario game download is now available on Android.

Super Mario Tips

  • Mario jumps over opponents and small obstacles while running. With few small exceptions aside, Mario runs in the game.
  • Tap in the screen lightly so Mario can perform one jump. It gives Super Mario an addictive appeal.
  • To make higher and longer jump, tap and hold on the screen.
  • Spinning gives a bit more time to Mario to hang up and take longer jumps. Tap the screen again in the midair to make the spin jump.
  • When Mario is going to fall off the ledge, tap on the screen to do a barrel roll. While rolling off, Mario will also kill nearby enemies.
  • Tap the screen when Mario hits the wall to jump back. If you are falling into the pit, this trick is very helpful. It can save you when you are almost dying.

 Super Mario Tricks

Super Mario APK Download

These cool tricks can take your Super Mario game to another level once you get a hold on the game play –

  • Tap as soon as Mario jumps off the Goomba so he will crush his enemy at the same time and use the same as a springboard to fly and get additional air.
  • Try to time the jumps well to enhance the head-butting skills. Hit the seam in between the blocks to bash them. It gives an extra edge to collect coins.
  • Mario’s cardio is really great but it becomes a headache sometimes to keep up. Be sure to have pause block whenever they come. The timer also takes a pause on the block. This way, you can plan ahead and maximize the run.
  • Sometimes, arrow blocks can get you hidden bonus coins and guide the way.
  • You may find some arrow blocks in the ground. All you need to time the taps well and use them as a springboard. This way, you can launch Mario at 2-x speed.
  • Use KO bubble to rewind the level and get another chance to grab what you have skipped the first time. However, the clock does not stop in the bubble. Keep track on the time left and balance it well with how far you want to get back in the level.
  • You can play Toad Rally to take some time. It is a fun side game to grab some colorful toads and unlock various rewards.
  • Keep in mind losing the race means losing the toads. Choose your opponents carefully and do not go too hard.


We hope you liked these tips and tricks to play Super Mario Game download. You can now try these tips and tricks to level up your game and become the master. Have fun and enjoy. This is what you will expect in this game. If you have any doubt, feel free to ask us in the comment section. 

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