Super Bright LED Flashlight APK

Free flashlight with powerful torch LED flash light for your Android devices!
The brightest, fastest and simplest free LED flashlight leads your way in the dark!
Free flashlight app. Use the camera LED/screen as a torch!Super Bright LED Flashlight, simple, free flashlight torch app with LED light and several modes, is super simple flash light app that turns your phone’s LED flash into a super bright flashlight that you can control with one tap. Super Bright LED Flashlight uses your LED flash light like real flashlight. Well-designed brightest free flashlight can lead your way in the dark. It outruns like real flashlight. NEVER be caught in the dark without a light!Note: The free flashlight app need camera permission of your device. Flashlight hardware is attached the Camera. For opening the light, it’s quite necessary to request permission.

Super Bright LED FlashlightKey Features:
-the bright light app. Torch LED light app
-fastest startup flashlight app
-camera LED light source
-realistic animation of lighter screen light
-use full screen light as a light source
-the brightest flash illuminator ever
-intuitive and elegant UI design

With the powerful brightest LED flashlight app, you can do:
-find your key in the dark
-read a real book at night
-take your pet out for a walk
-real flashlight while camping
-light the way when camping and hiking
-light the way while running at night

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Super Bright LED Flashlight
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