Subway Surfers

Download Subway Surfers APK – Hints, Tips and Tricks You Should Know APK

Subway Surfers is a very popular, fun, and addictive endless urban runner game. It challenges runners to get past the obstacles and run as far as they can without getting caught, while the inspector and his dog are chasing them. Players will spray paint, run in between and over the trains and other obstacles. In this guide, we will discuss a few tips and tricks for the Subway Surfers APK to help you earn high scores and coins.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers APK Tips and Tricks

  • Try to stay high as long as possible. It takes a lot of running, jumping and dashing when you run along the dangerous tracks.
  • Running over the trains is the safest way to go. It will help you avoid several obstacles.
  • Diagonal movements and jumps will get you far.
  • Hover boards can last up to 30 seconds but they will break once hit.
  • Use the power-ups to run longer.
  • Jetpack and Coin Magnet are the best power-ups at the start.
  • Collect maximum coins in the game to upgrade power-ups and buy more resources.

Subway Surfers APK Cheats

  • Try using two hands. However, different people have different habits to score higher. For example, you can use left index fingers to swipe left and right index finger to roll, jump, and move right.
  • Watch a video to earn 2 keys. You can just watch a short video or ad to earn two coins for free, in case you skipped in the game.
  • When you are jumping off the trains, you can swipe down to drop down and keep running. It can help you in case you have mistimed the jump or you think the upcoming landing place will not be ideal. You can also swipe left/right mid-air to change the direction.
  • Use your keys only when you need the most. After being crashed, you can keep your game going or extend the game to have an extra life. However, it costs double if you crash again and again.
  • Keep your hoverboards handy. They are an affordable and great way to extend your run. In case you crash on something, it will break and you can run. You have to activate it before being crashed.
  • Upgrade the multiplier booster to get a very high score and challenge your friends.
  • Be sure to complete your missions to increase the multiplier. Keep track of your missions.


Subway Surfers game is the first choice of everyone using Android device. It is a great time-pass game for everyone to improve focus. You may have definitely seen someone enjoying this endless runner. The graphics are really cool and addictive. You can move as fast as possible with little practice. We hope the above tips and tricks have helped you to master the game and win several multipliers. You can unlock new characters, power-ups and several missions as you play the game. By following these hints and trips, you can go as far as possible.

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