StyleNote Notes & Memos APK

StyleNote Notes & Memos StyleNote Notes & Memos-2

Write colorful notes & memos with rich styles and organize with custom notebooks

– Powerful note editor with rich text styles (bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough)
– Highly customizable note text sizes and colors
– Flow view of all your notes: an overview of all notes in one place – more than just a list of note titles (optional)
– Note organization with custom notebooks / folders
– Custom note ordering (you can move any note up / down and have your own ordering of notes)
– Semi-transparent memo widgets for putting your notes on your homescreen
– Easy note sharing / sending
– Password lock for your private notebooks
– Database backup for your important notebooks

*NOTE* If you encounter any problem with the app, please email me ([email protected]) as I cannot directly reply to the reviews / comments on the Android market and follow up. I shall try my best to help and fix the problem. Alternatively, you can also leave me a message on my blog ( Thanks.

Recent Changes:
Version 1.5.6
– Added the “Edit Note” menu item to the read-only mode
– Improved how a style is removed from a text selection (style will be kept outside the selection)
– Now if any auto-saving occurs during the note creation, pressing “Cancel” will not delete the new note
– Now the on-screen keyboard is initially hidden when the note editor is launched
– Now auto-saving will be paused when the note editor is not in the foreground
– Hid the window title bar of the note editor for bigger editing area
– Made some internal changes
Version 1.5.5
– Moving the cursor via touching now updates the style button states to reflect the applied styles in the note editor
– Disabled the menu button in the read-only mode
– Fixed an error where using the context menu in the read-only mode would make the program crash on some Samsung devices
Version 1.5.4:
– Improved the note editor interface when the user is typing via the on-screen keyboard: ad is hidden, style buttons are always visible when given enough space, and the scrolling behavior is improved
– Added “Save” to the device menu key’s menu in the note editor (visible when you press the “menu” key on your Android device)
– Tweaked the Pro licence verification process
– Fixed a few potential errors
(Full changelog is available in the readme)


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