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Step by Step Salat application serves as a complete guide for Muslims around the world to learn how to offer prayer according to Quran and Sunnah. This is equally helpful for both kids and adults. This application helps to learn Salat in a simple to read, easy to understand, and correct way.
For non Muslims this application will give you a better understanding about what is prayed when Muslims pray five times daily. You may be one of those people that may have forgotten how to pray Salaah and you may feel ashamed of asking someone – Well this app is just for you.

• The application provides the English translation of the Arabic text and also contains the audio in Arabic.
• The application has a Global Prayer Timer where you can enter your location to know the time of each prayer along with sunrise and sunset.
• The Prayer Reminder lets you set the alarm for all the prayer times.
• The Reminder can also automatically set your device to silent mode at the time of prayers.
• The application also provides the number of Rakats for every Salat.
• By using “Step By Step Salat” application, you can learn how to offer Salat and make it a part of your daily life.

App Instructions:
Step by Step Salat is an amazing application that teaches you in detail Salat method. This application also has the option of Global Prayer Time, Prayer Reminder, and Rakat Table. At the bottom of the page, two options namely, About Us and App Instructions are available.
Tapping the step-by-step Salat icon will take you to all the steps of Salat namely: Takbir, Qayyam, Ruku Qaummah, Sajdah, Jalsa, Tashahhud and Salam. Each step of Salat mentioned here has the detailed knowledge about performing that particular part of Salat. It is available in Arabic and English language along with the whole way of performing it. Moreover, right posture and audio options are available to perform the certain part of Salat.
Two buttons, next and back are also provided that will take you to the next or previous step of Salatof Salat. At the left top corner, the “home” icon is available that will take you on the same page. You can find the Salat timings on Global Prayer Time page by entering your current location. It also tells you sunrise and sun set timings. By means of Prayer reminder, you can set reminders for Salat timings by selecting on or off buttons. Rakat table contains information of number of Rakats of each Salat.

Size : 6.3M
Current Version : 1.2
Requires Android : 2.3 and up


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