Spotify Premium APK Free Download

Spotify Premium APK Free Download APK

Spotify is a music streaming service that was first released in 2008. In the last decade, it has gained a lot of followers and is now among the most popular service. The app is available for free for the users. Those looking out for more options can choose to go with Spotify Premium. If you want a premium account with Spotify, all you need us the mod APK for your Android or iOS device. To get the premium version of Spotify, you will have to use different methods depending on whether or not your device is rooted. With the below-mentioned method of accessing the Spotify Premium APK free download, you will be able to receive lifetime access at no charge. You will also be able to listen to music wherever you are – online or offline.

Spotify Premium APK Free Download

While Spotify Free has good features, it doesn’t offer other options, such as unlimited skipping and no advertisements. Instead, it runs adverts in between songs to cover costs. You will also not be able to listen to songs offline with the free version of Spotify. This is where the premium version offers so much more to the users. Besides the higher quality of audio, the premium version also offers unlimited skipping, no advertisements, and offline music access as well. However, the subscription fee for premium is something not everyone can afford, which is where this hack comes in useful.

Spotify Premium APK

The latest Spotify premium version is v It is easy to install for Blackberry and Android phones. However, it is recommended that before you go ahead with the installation, you read the instructions. Submit the permissions required to run Spotify premium APK and you will receive the best performance.

With Spotify Premium, you will find that the audio ads are blocked and for most countries, visual ads are blocked as well. You will have the ability to shuffle unlimited time and you can choose to play any song your heart desires. If you love a particular song, you can also place that song on repeat – a feature not available with the free version.

Features of Spotify

Before you go ahead to the instruction on how to install Spotify Premium, let us take a look at some of the best features Spotify and why you should go ahead with it.

High audio quality: Spotify lets the users listen to your audios and music on higher quality, regardless of whether it is downloaded music or streaming. However, do note that it also tends to consume more data. However, the option of listening to high-quality music is something one just can’t pass.

Playlist folders: This is an excellent feature that Spotify offers. While you might have created a lot of playlists grouping different genre of songs together, have you ever thought how more organized your life would become if you were able to put certain playlists together in on folder? Spotify has thought about it and offers you the option of doing so. Currently, you can make folders only on your desktop, but you will be able to access it from your smartphone app.

Find similar music: The Radio feature in Spotify creates playlists featuring similar songs or artists. It has been designed to show up automatically once the song you have finished listening to is finished. This is perfect when you are looking for new audios to add to your playlist and just cannot remember. You might even use this opportunity to find new artists!

Private listening mode: If you ever want to listen to your private songs, you can do so in the private listening mode. That’s a good idea.

Spotify Premium APK Free Download

Let’s take a look at how you can install the Spotify premium version for free. You will require the mod APK for Spotify Premium. While downloading, make sure that you download it from a reliable source so that it doesn’t give any trouble later on.

How to Install for Rooted devices

Option 1:

If your device is rooted, you can use this method to install Spotify mod APK. If you want to ensure that your device is rooted prior to going ahead with the installation, there are plenty of apps available for this.

  1. Once you make sure that your device is rooted, check if there are any copies of Spotify Premium installed on your device. If so, uninstall it. If not, you are good to go ahead.
  2. Download the APK from a reliable website. Once the installation is completed, open the app and log in with your credentials.
  3. Meanwhile, install Xposed Framework along with Spotify Skip APK. The steps are fairly straightforward, and no changes of any sort are needed.
  4. Enable the Spotify Skip Module. This might take a while. Once the process is finished, close all applications that are open.
  5. Restart your device. Do not skip this step.
  6. Open Spotify Premium app and start using it!

Option 2:

If the above method doesn’t work for you, don’t fret! Here’s another option you can try.

  1. For this method as well, you will need your device to be rooted, or else, you can use DRM bypass.
  2. Download and install the Xposed framework. If you already have it, you can skip this step.
  3. Next, install and activate the Xprivacylua Xposed Module. A word of advice – download it from a trustworthy platform.
  4. After the installation is done, turn off the tracking and sensors for the Spotify app located in the settings menu.
  5. Open the Spotify app and start using the premium version for free.

If it still doesn’t work, try following the same steps above with the older APK versions.


Spotify is a great music streaming app offering many user-friendly and nice features. With the premium version, users receive a lot of convenient options. It is no wonder that it is so popular among the users! With the above-listed methods, you can also start using the Spotify Premium without any trouble. Good luck to you!

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