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Speedometer is a GPS Speedometer and Odometer app that measure the speed of any kind of transportation in kph, mph, kmh, knot or m/s in real time.

Did you ever wondering how fast is the bus travel ? How fast is the speed while you on the train? This car speed meter, bike speed meter, gauge speedometer, mph meter will display the speed in real time regardless you travel in a train, car, bike, bicycle, skateboard, boat, airplane as long as your phone receive fair amount of GPS signal. Beside, it is a perfect car speedometer apps if your car speedometer has broken. You could use this car speedometer, speed app, gauge speedometer, mph meter for temporary replacement.

HUD Feature for car speedometer(kmh meter or kph meter) :
The HUD stands for Head up display which is a very useful feature when you driving in car at night. HUD feature is a function that display the car speed meter in kph(kmh) or mph on the windshield by reflecting the light of your phone. Now you can keep your eye on the road and know the speed in kmh(kph) or mph at the same time.

This is a kmh meter, kph meter, mph meter, speed meter, odometer, speedometer or name it whatever you like application .

Car or bike speed meter note:
This gauge speedometer and odometer app(speed app, kmh meter or kph meter) is depend on the device GPS. Make sure you allow the GPS Speedometer and odometer app use the phone location service. Apart from that be sure the device's GPS is turn to receive any update in advance.

Key Feature:
• Speed in real time
• Simple and clean UI(Nice car speed meter look)
• Suitable for bicycle(bike speed meter)
• Distance meter/Odometer
• HUD feature
• Simple and practical car speed meter/bike speed meter app widget
• Speed limit alert
• Day and night mode
• Trip history
• Support 6 resolution of gauge speedometer and odometer app/mph meter/kmh meter/kph meter
• Support 4 speed unit(kph or kmh, mph, knots, meter per second)
• Support 5 distance unit(km, mile, feet, yard, meter)

What are you waiting for? Start download our car speedometer and odometer, mph meter, kmh meter, car speed meter, bike speed meter or name it whatever you like app now!

What’s New

v 6.1.2
– Fix major bug

v 6.1.1
– Fix minor bug

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Speedometer : GPS, Distance Meter, HUD
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