Simple Calculator APK

Simple Calculator

It is a simple calculator with no complex functions at all.

✓ Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percent operation
✓ Recording and recalling calculation results
✓ The numbers, operators, parentheses, results Custom colors
✓ Use touch sound

The average person rarely uses complex and complex calculators or scientific calculators in everyday life.
Most are very easy to use for general calculations and most need a simple calculator.

👍 I recommend it to those who need a simple and easy calculator without complex functions./b>

If you do not want ads, we recommend Pro version.

What’s New

What’s new in 1.0.6:
✓ Vibration, enter number from result value and enter new value Fix problem

What’s new in 1.0.5:
✓ Added parenthesis operation and added parenthesis color setting
✓ Some changes to other designs
✓ Remove Ads Pro Version Released

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Simple Calculator
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