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[For technical questions or problems write to [email protected], if you type a message here, not always see it.] Social Diabetes is a self-management system for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
SocialDiabetes is a CE Medical Device, Council Directive 93/42/EEC that meets the highest standards of safety and quality.
Thousands of people use Social Diabetes to manage their Diabetes. With SocialDiabetes you take control of your diabetes in an easy and intuitive way. You remember what you ate one day, how much insulin you needed and how your blood sugar level was afterwards. You can correct the insulin or follow the application’s recommendations. Use SocialDiabetes to improve and learn about your habits and reactions every day. Never forget a control, and follow the application’s intelligent and personalized advice to prevent nocturnal hypoglycaemia. Check the graphs to visually track your progress. It contains a list of 11,000+ foods and their nutritional properties, taken from the databases around the world, including the U.S., the U.K. and Spain.
Connect your application to the cloud, share recipes, and learn from other users. Take the experiences of many, many others to improve your own experience or invite your doctor to manage and track your diabetes remotely in real-time, and adjust your insulin and carbohydrates when necessary.
SocialDiabetes can be used with multiple devices or from any browser, always synchronized, always current.
SocialDiabetes leads to self-management and empowerment. Nobody knows your diabetes better than you.
Use under the supervision of your doctor.
We want to make your life easier and more fun! And at the same time take care of you.

Media communication:
Selected as Best Healthcare app 2012 by the United Nations and UNESCO.
Selected as one of the Top 3 apps by the American Association AARP for the control of diabetes
Our manifesto
1. SocialDiabetes is and will be a small company founded by and for patients
2. We look for the patient\’s autonomy
3. We work and collaborate with our doctors and medical assistants
4. We support the economy for the common good based on values as honesty, cooperation and responsibility
5. The incomes are prioritized in order to adapt the product for clinical trials at universities and also for the improvements that you demand
6. Your personal information is always yours, with universal access and no conditions
7. We support an independent management model from industry
8. We process and analyze your personal information in order to give you a feedback with useful and relevant information
9. We want to work with independent institutions and governments, transparent and sensitive with our necessities
10. We want to have influence in the social-sanitary politics so they assume the new technologies and a new relation among patient and doctor
In XXI century, diabetes can’t be an obstacle for living a good and healthy life.
We have the technology, the data and the capacity to connect us and collaborate.
Welcome to SocialDiabetes community.

Size : 15M
Current Version : 2.8.4
Requires Android : 2.2 and up


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