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Small, innovative and useful utility, allowing you to automate the screen turning on/off based on proximity.

WARNING: The app hardly use any battery power. However, please note that while the screen is just in “off” state and NOT locked – the device would NOT go into deep sleep (power-saving mode) and WILL use a lot of battery power!

Seems some people worry about wearing out their proximity sensor or something like that – rest assured, the proximity sensor would outlast any other part of your phone by a long shot, even if you use it non-stop. 🙂

For Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean): If you want to remove the status bar icon, go to Android Settings >> Apps >> Smart Screen and uncheck “Show notifications”.

. Automatically wake up the device when you open the flip cover, take the device out of pocket/bag, etc.;
. Automatically turn the screen off when you close the flip cover, put the device in pocket/bag, etc. (as long as the sensor remains blocked) and optionally lock the device after set amount of time (to make the screen stay off, even if the sensor gets unblocked);
. Autostart on boot of the phone;
. Fully customizable.

Contact me if you want to help translate the app to your language.

TO UNINSTALL: You have to uncheck the “Device Administrator” option first!

AD SYSTEM: The app is ad-supported. Due to its nature of a background service which is used without a visible UI, it has a unique ad system, which may show an ad in the bottom of the screen after a use, but no more then once per day. Ads are shown for few seconds, have a button for instant dismissal and do not interrupt your activity in any way, other then just by being shown. By installing the app you agree to see those ads in the way described above. There is an “Ad-Free use” option available to people who support the development in some other significant way and email me about it. Contact me for more information.

Development support:
This app is developed by a single independent developer. If you like my work and want to support my efforts – please give it a 5 star rating and share it with your friends! You can also buy me a drink using the Donate option in the app! Thanks!

Most of the permissions are self-explanatory and are needed by the app’s functionality or the ads.
The ACCOUNTS permission is needed to grant ad-free use to people who support the development otherwise.
ROOT is optionally needed for resetting the hosts file if you choose to do so.

No personal information is collected and/or sent whatsoever!

Please use the email for any questions and support! The store reviews are not meant for communication! Thanks!

Size : 896k
Current Version : 1.20b
Requires Android : 4.0 and up


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