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The best app to use to track car maintenance and costs. Simple and intuitive. Helpful for budgeting/tracking transportation costsBest mileage/gas tracker around

Using it for my mini fleet. This app allows me to keep tabs on service times and expenses. Very effective

Track Your Fuel Consumption and Vehicle Expenses
– This car management app helps you manage to track fuel log, fuel consumption, maintenance and services for your car. You can also track your fill-ups, expenses, fuel consumption, gas cost and mpg
– Capture and upload receipts at the time of fill up or later
– Send reports for fill-ups and mileage logs directly from the app
– The app helps you save money by keeping track of your mileage, fuel economy, car service costs, car service reminders, car expenses
– Various stats and graphs available to track mileage, improve fuel efficiency, find fuel costs, etc
– The only fuel log that lets you track your car’s fuel economy by Octane, Fuel Brand and Filling Station

Manage Your Vehicle Maintenance
– Set car service reminder by mileage or date
– Manages all your car expenses.
Add multiple receipts for fill-ups, service and expenses
– Manage vehicle expenses and reminders for small and medium fleets
– Track your vehicle’s fuel running cost

Track Your Trips and Tax-Deduction
Automatic trip logging for tax deductions
– Automatic trip tracking for business and personal trips
GPS tracking in manual trips

Instant Back-Up on Cloud
– 100% Instant backup on the cloud
– Sync across multiple devices

Share Data with Multiple Drivers
– Share data instantly with multiple drivers sharing vehicles

Other Key Features:
– Access your data on the web at
– Schedule Automated week/monthly reports
– Multiple vehicles supported
– A perfect companion for Uber, Lyft and other rideshares drivers
– Gas mileage logs can be exported and imported as CSV files to phone memory or Google Drive
Supports voice input. So, you can speak and enter values for fill-ups
Import data directly from aCar. For any other app, we have a self-explanatory guide within the app, or you could write to us at [email protected]
– Multiple settings available to track your data (kilometer, mile, liter, gallon (US), gallon (UK), km/l, l/100kms, mpg (US), mpg (UK))
– Supports partial fill-ups
– Highly customizable screens
– Change the quantity unit for individual fill-ups

Formerly Fuel Buddy, Simply Auto is a complete auto management app. It serves as your vehicle mileage tracker as well as its maintenance, service, repair and expense log. It provides the right amount of information in a simple and non-cluttered manner.

Over and above being a car/fleet manager, Simply Auto records details of your trips, car services, and expenses. Simply Auto also calculates statistics like Distance Travelled Between Fill-ups, Average Fuel Efficiency to date, Average Price/Quantity, Fuel Economy by Octane, Fuel Efficiency by Fuel Brand, Fuel Economy by Filling Station, Fuel Consumption by mile, Fuel Consumption by day, Service Cost by kilometre, Service Cost by day, Expenses by distance, Expenses by day, etc. These statistics can be viewed as graphs to track performance.

Besides acting as your vehicle’s mileage tracker, Simply Auto lets you track your vehicle maintenance and service related costs and keeps a log of all other car expenses. Thus, making it the ultimate car care and car management app. The app can also alert you when a car service is due.

Simply Auto lets you email your mileage log or fuel log along with your fuel receipt. Simply Auto has an option to instantly backup all your data in the cloud. It also supports multi-device sync and multi-driver sync.

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What’s New

– Updated German translations
– Added option to import data from aCar
– Auto trip bug fixes
– Other bug fixes

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