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Is your phone or tablet too slow? Are you running out of hard drive space or need to back up your mobile photos?
simpli Clean offers powerful features to clean and optimize your Android device as well as protection of your privacy.

Superb system acceleration, cache cleaner and storage cleaning – Made in Germany!

Why is my device always getting slower?
Apps and processes running in the background frequently use up your phone or tablet’s resources unnecessarily.
Speed up your system! simpli Clean allows you to locate and disable these apps, immediately optimizing your Android device for faster and better performance.
Required permissions: Device & app history
Usecase category: phone booster, optimize phone, more speed, speed booster, boost my phone, game booster

Why doesn’t my battery last as long as it used to?
Some apps use up battery power even though they aren’t being used.
Put an end to excessive battery use! simpli Clean identifies and disables high-consumption apps, giving you more battery life and allowing you to use your phone or tablet even longer.
Required permissions: Phone, Device & app history
Usecase category: battery saver, battery life

Why am I always running out of storage space?
Many apps create temporary cache files when being used. These files take up valuable storage space unnecessarily and are often not properly deleted once the app is no longer in use.
Recover your storage space! Make more room for your apps, photos, videos and music! simpli Clean finds wasteful storage hogs, rids your device of unnecessary trash data and helps you uninstall apps completely.
Required permissions: Photos/Media/Files
Usecase category: free memory, cache cleaner, cleaning, clean my phone, storage cleaner

Do I leave behind data that can be found and used by others when using my device?
Whether you’re surfing the Internet, making a phone call or sending a text message, your digital fingerprint gets left everywhere.
Protect your privacy! simpli Clean allows you to reliably cover your traces when surfing the Internet and communicating with others.
Required permissions: Identity, Contacts/Calendar, Device ID & call information
Usecase category: privacy, protection, trace cleaner, chrome browser cleaning

Are my photos and video clips backed up somewhere?
Normally your images, videos and music files only get saved to your phone, and if you lose your device, or it gets damaged, your files are lost.
Back up your images, videos and music! simplitec’s special wireless data transfer technology allows you to easily back up your media to your home PC.
Required permissions: Wi-Fi connection information, Photos/Media/Files
Usecase category: photo backup, pc sync, media transfer

* NEW! WhatsApp Cleaner
All the photos, videos and music files sent through WhatsApp are saved in the app, although most of these files are not needed anymore. This uses up storage space on your device unnecessarily. The Cleaner in simpli Clean lets you free up storage space used by WhatsApp in a single click!

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Size : 6.7M
Current Version :
Requires Android : 4.0 and up
Offered By : Simplitec GmbH


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