Simple Weight Recorder APK

Simple Weight Recorder-1 Simple Weight Recorder-2

A simple tool to record your weight history.
– Simple user interface
– Chart
– Color display for loss/gain
– Weight goal and difference
– Total loss
– Units: ft/in/lb or cm/kg
– [New!] Export as a CSV file
You can usually open the menu by pressing MENU button on your phone. The location of MENU button varies depending on the phone you use.



  • I have been using this app for a few years and weighing myself twice z week. It was really useful to check on my historic weight.

    However, I had to carry out a factory reset on my Galaxy 9 phone and even though I backed up all apps and settings etc, I lost over 4 years worth of data.

    I’m really upset about this. Why did the data not back up along with the app?

    Would you please amend the app to do this.

  • Had problem with phone and a technician deleted a year and a half of my records today (6-18-14). Is there any way to get this info back in order to put on a new phone?

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