Simple Clock Live Wallpaper APK

Simple Clock Live Wallpaper

Simple Clock Live Wallpaper

Simple clock wallpaper with current day of week, date, WiFi network name and battery status. Minimal memory and battery consumption. More options will be added eventually without any Ads or ‘premium only’ version.
*OK, I was contacted by a few companies willing place the Ads in the app despite the description. There is how you do it.
You will need:
• an Android based phone;
• a pen;
• a PostIt® paper sheet.
Please follow these steps carefully:
1. Get a pen with the right hand and a PostIt® paper sheet with the left. You might find it more comfortable to swap hands if you are left-handed.
2. Write your Ad text on the PostIt® paper sheet using the pen.
3. Put the pen away.
4. Take a phone with a free hand.
5. Glue PostIt® sheet to a phone screen.
That’s all! Now you have your Ads placed! It works even when the screen is off, and you can update the ads time from time.


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