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The Shortcut Keyboard will change your texting life! Its free, ad-free, and top quality. You have to try it out, but its a very cool idea for easier, more fluid messaging.
Have your signatures and frequently used phrases for 1-click easy access.
Customize your keyboard for your style of chatting and texting.
Shortcut Keys is designed for people who spend too much time and effort typing. That means you!
A brilliant clock module makes typing times fast and easy.
Type dates like you do when you book a flight – by clicking a calendar. No need to write everything out. You can even get the calendar module to show you your availability as you type… no need to switch between apps in order to arrange a meet up.
LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Hindi, Turkish, Arabic

Be patient, it takes some time to get used to a new idea like this. So please be generous with stars 🙂
Install takes several steps – if you’ve never installed a keyboard app get instructions from
Siine works with e-mail, Facebook, WhatsApp, chat, Twitter or anywhere you need to type on your phone! Check it out, experiment, and if you enjoy it we love getting some stars and your feedback 😉
Android Versions: 2.3 and up (including 4.2 Jelly Bean)
Siine Features
* Shortcuts – Fully-customizable icons for super-fast shortcuts for greetings such as “Hey man, how’s it going?” to “Cool, talk to you soon”
* A built-in Clock and Calendar lets you text about time and dates easier than ever before!
* Stress Message screen for when you’re in a rush. Text “Sorry, can’t talk now. Call you right back” with only a couple taps of the keyboard.
* Personalized Emoticons – Love Emoticons? Siine lets you create your very own!
* Delete – Delete text fast with the wiggle of your finger – ohh la la!
“Think there’s only one way to type on your phone? Think again.” TechCrunch, October 2011
“Siine’s ’emoticons on steroids’ inject personality to text-based messages” WiredUK, February 2012
Feedback & Support
Mail us directly at [email protected]
Follow us out on Twitter at @Siine, Facebook or our blog.
Privacy Policy – Siine does not do any sneaky stuff, we are a reputable team who want to build good stuff. To support us, please buy an extra module since this lets us keep working on improvements for all.
Siine Keyboard may collect the following information from users:
• Anonymous crash and usage statistics: This is aimed at debugging potential application faults
• Anonymous usage statistics: This information is collected in order to improve the product and the service discovery

Siine team is committed to offer the best services to its users while protecting and securing data privacy. In that scope, Siine Keyboard:
• DOES NOT store or collect keystroke, key pressed
• DOES NOT store or collect data input in password fields
• DOES NOT store or collect data input in credit card fields
• DOES NOT store or collect any message content
• DOES NOT store or collect sender or recipient of any communication in any application
• DOES NOT collect the content of customized Siine key. Siine keys content is stored locally on device



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