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ShowBox App for Android APK

The best destination of the latest movies, tv, shows and web series is Showbox. Now ShowBox is also available for Android smartphones. ShowBox is the best way to organise your media library. Stream your favourite movies, tv, shows and other with Showbox. The entire world of entertainment is in your device with Showbox. There is PC version also available of Showbox. This app is indeed for that one who loves to watch movies and shows all the time.

It is tough to find the latest movies and show and it also too. Much hard to get the download link of most recent movies. You have surfed on lots of websites to find your favourite movies and show. And after lots of surfing, you don’t get the right one which you want. Sometimes you don’t see any download link, sometimes you are not allowed to watch them online. Sometimes you didn’t get the best quality of videos. But with the Showbox, you can find your desired tv shows and movies with just one click. You don’t have to surf lots of websites to watch and download your favourite movies and tv shows. Because with Showbox you are allowed to watch them online or offline after downloading. You will get the best quality of videos and sound with this app.

What is Showbox?

ShowBox Android APK

The entertainment application which is designed especially for smartphones is Showbox. You can find lots of services online in video streaming, but Showbox is the best source of video content. Here you can find all kind of Video content fast and free. If you want to get a considerable screen experience, then apk is also available for that.

If you want to enjoy the free expertise, then Showbox pro services are also provided to you.

Showbox Pro Version

If you want to experience ad-free e online video streaming of your favorite movies and TV shows, then you should upgrade your Showbox to Showbox Pro. With Showbox Pro, you would be able to see your movies without any interaction of advertisement. More features will be added in the Showbox pro. You can stream full HD online videos and download them with Showbox Pro.

You can apply different kind of sound place effect, subtitles, different playback speed with the pro version of Showbox. You can search and filter your favorite movies in the search box of the Showbox app, and you would not never be interested in an advertisement in the pro version of this app. Along with the free movies and tv shows you can see also the screen latest movies trailers of upcoming movies. You can buy a subscription directly from the official page of Showbox.

You can buy a subscription for one month, three months, six months, one year, three years, a lifetime. The rates of this subscription are affordable and with the best price. The facility which is provided to you is worth according to the standards of subscription.

How to Download Showbox APK?

Step 1: First of all, you have to connect your device with working and stable internet connection

Step 2: You can use your cellular network or a Wi-Fi network for internet connection

Step 3:   Now open your default browser in your smartphone and enter Showbox app for Android in the search box of the search engine.

Step 4: Please click on the search button. The first results will appear on your screen.

Step 5: Click on the official web page link of the Showbox app. On this webpage, all information and data about the Showbox app are given for any queries you can also contact the customer support of Showbox.

Step 6: A download link will be provided on this page of the Showbox app. Click on the download link to download Showbox app.

Step 7: Allow download from the source of your default browser in the setting.  Now your apk file of Showbox app will start the download.

How to Install Showbox APK?

After download, you can install Showbox apps in your device by following these steps.

Step 1: After download Showbox, APK file goes for downloads and click on that file.

Step 2: Because you have downloaded this APK file from your browser, so you have to change the setting of installation from unknown sources.

Step 3: To change this setting go to the setting for your device and click on the option of installation from unknown sources.

Step 4: Once you turn on this setting, you would be able to install this app. After changing setting get back ok to the downloads and click on apk file of Showbox.

Step 5: Installation page will appear on your screen. Click on the install and preprocessing Showbox will be installed in your device.

Is Showbox App is Safe for an Android Device?

Lots of fans Showbox I want to know the answer to this question. It is very important to remember that at if you have installed an app that is secure and legal? You will be very happy to know that Showbox is safe and legal to use. You can apply for Showbox in your Android device because Showbox now has launched its Android app. You can watch all the movies online with this app with safety and without following any legal problem. Now you don’t have to face any problem with Showbox app that is related to Laws of the copyright act.

How to Use the Showbox App Safely?

If you want to use the Showbox app and enjoy free streaming of the latest and your favorite movies safely, then you should follow some terms.

  •    First of all, you should download the first Showbox app. Downloading copies of this app will may you fall in any legal problem.
  •    You should download the Showbox app from a legal way.
  •    You should download the Showbox app from the official site of Showbox.
  •    There is no need to run the Showbox app on a VPN server.
  •    Prefer Showbox pro to use.

So it is very important to download the original and safe is Showbox app from the official site to use this app safely.

Features of the Showbox App

After the download and install process, we are giving you all the information about features and how to use them in this blog.

  1. Movie News:

The latest news of all movies and actors will be served to you with this app. When you open the app then on the first page, you will find News of movies on your screen. You can get all the information related to movies like the ok name of actors, release date, the name of directors, the controversy of all movies.

  1. Trading:

On clicking trading you will get latest reading movie news coma latest movies, trailers of the whole world. You will get the best information about what is trading in the world of Hollywood cinema. You can watch latest movie Trailers in movies in this news feed.

  1. Movies:

With this feature you can watch all-time Hollywood movies with this app. from latest movies to the movie of the late 70s and 80s is available on this app. the new release movie is also provided to you with this feature. You can search for your desired movie with the search box option which is provided in this app.  you can add filters and customization to get the best option of your search with this app. so find best movies film Showbox. You are allowed to watch all movies in HD with online streaming. You can also save all movies offline with this app.

  1. TV shows:

With the Showbox app you can also stream TV shows on your Android device for free. Your all favorite TV shows are available with latest updates. Play your TV shows in HD with the Showbox app.  Get the best quality of your TV shows in this app. this app also provides the facility to save offline all you desire TV shows in this app.

  1. Trailers:

Which Showbox app you are also allowed to stream all the latest movies and TV shows trailer on your device. From the popular movie trailers to just-released movie trailers are available on this app.  you can watch them in HD quality of the video, and the facility of offline download is also available in this app.

  1. Favorites:

With this feature Showbox allows you to make a playlist of your favorite TV shows and movies in this app.  With this feature you don’t have to start again and again for your favorite movies and shows to watch them regularly.


You can download all the TV shows and movies which is available on Showbox. You can download them with the cellular network or Wi-Fi for free. A playlist of downloads will be auto-created by this app.  when you click on the download option then all the list of your downloads will appear on your screen. Select any one and play them offline with the best playback features of this app.

Other features

  1.    You are allowed to search for new release With this app.
  2.    You can customize all the settings of the default player and video quality.
  3.    You can set automatic downloads to downloads a new episode of your favorite tv show.
  4.    Set automatically delete of viewed videos.
  5.    Prevent ads with the pro feature.  

How to Fix Common Showbox Errors?

  1. Showbox Server Error-

Sometimes Showbox server didn’t respond properly. And you face some problem to stream online videos with the selected server. You can fix this problem with these steps.


Click on the three dots on your screen select server option and the list click on your desired server option your server has been changed.

  1. Showbox Update Error-  

Sometimes you can face problem in updating the app with your device. Sometimes your device does not accept the installation of updates to resolve this problem you should follow these steps your device main not have enough storage, so you have to free up some storage on how to install updates.


Step A: Manage the RAM of your device to get a smooth installation of the update

Step B: Reboot your device.

  1. No connection problem-

Sometimes I’m your App does not connect with an Internet connection to resolve this problem you should follow this step.

Step A: Firstly check that your device is connected with a working and stable internet connection.

Step B: If you are still not connected then put your device on your flight mode for one or two minutes restart your device.

  1. Showbox has stopped working-  

Sometimes your App does not work well and crashes. It is stopped working well, and you have to face so many problems.


You can resolve this error by following me steps clear cache file of Showbox app clear all data of Showbox app reinstall app.

  1. Showbox is not playing movies-

Sometimes you face a problem that if you are unable to play your desired movie in this app.  This happens due to some copyright errors. You can resolve this problem by following these steps if you are playing a movie on the internet then hide your IP address. Some movies are not allowed to play with your IP address. So at that time you have to you hid your IP address to play that movie.


Step A: Use a private VPN to play that movie.

Step B: Clear cache files of App check your internet connection clear all unwanted data of your app.


This is the best way to get your favourite movies and TV shows in your device. We try to cover all aspects of this app in this blog. So you can use this app for entertainment. Here some movies are uploaded illegally so show playing movies like that is not secure with this app. But for full safety, you should use this app with a private VPN. With this nobody would be able to track you and your data is fully secured with this app.

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