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Server Auditor is an advanced SSH/SFTP client which allows you to manage unix servers from your Android. The terminal user interface is implemented using a clear and simple style with maximisation of touch gestures.
. Xterm, VT100 and vanilla terminal types support.
. Port forwarding of SSH connections
. Arrows keys are activated with one finger swipes. Swipe and hold for going through file content, bash history.
. Tab activated by a double touch gesture. It’s incredibly useful!
. Two finger swipes to get Page Up/Down, Home and End
. Control and Alt design allows you to keep them pushed for several actions – extremely useful for heavy Emacs users!
. Scrolling allows user to observe history of terminal output with full-screen support.
. Customizable popup keyboard where CTRL and ALT can be locked by double tab.
. External keyboard support
. Paste text by holding
. You can work with it in any orientation! Background, fonts and size are fully customisable.
. Key and password SSH authorisation.
. Customisation of shaking, buttons etc to activate enter, control-z, space and : Vim users you will love it!
. Multiple SSH connections support.
. 8 cool color schemes
. Convenient copy-paste functionality with the ability for instant search on Google and ServerFault websites
. Works well with Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS, Mint, Gentoo and all other flavours of Linux and UNIX

Pro features
. SFTP manager for fast and easy work with remote filesystem through SFTP
. Secure user data synchronisation (nobody has access to your passwords)
. Export of ./ssh/config file from your workstation. Please find the tool here:
. Home Screen Widget for rapid access to your hosts and active connections.
. Terminal tabs for fast switch between your active connections.
. Lock-pattern.

Size : 6.3M
Current Version : 1.6.6
Requires Android : 2.2 and up


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