Serial Bluetooth Terminal APK

'Serial Bluetooth Terminal' is a line-oriented terminal / console app for microcontrollers, arduinos and other devices with a serial / UART interface connected with a bluetooth to serial converter to your android device.

This app supports different bluetooth versions:
– Bluetooth Classic
– Bluetooth LE / Bluetooth Low Energy / BLE / Bluetooth Smart

This app supports different bluetooth devices:
Bluetooth Classic (implementing standard Bluetooth SPP profile):
– HC-05, HC-06, …
– Raspberry Pi 3
– …
Bluetooth LE (implementing vendor specific Bluetooth GATT services):
– predefined:
* Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822, … (e.g. BBC micro:bit)
* Texas Instruments CC254x (e.g. HM-10, CC41-A, … modules)
* Microchip RN4870/71, BM70/71 'transparent UART service'
* Telit Bluemod
– custom profile:
* Texas Instruments CC2640 serial service, except config characteristics
* Silabls BLE113
* uConnect BLE serial adapter
* …

All features in this app are free. In-App purchase is only used for the 'Donate' option.

Looking for source code? Here you find simplified variants of this app:

What’s New

1.28 2019-08-03
NEW save to custom folder
1.27 2019-07-20
NEW setting for optional 'auto scroll to end of buffer'
FIX MTU negotiation for Telit BLE devices
1.26 2019-07-02
FIX fix BLE connect issue on Android <= 4.4 introduced in previous version
1.25 2019-06-26
NEW negotiate maximum MTU size for BLE devices
NEW Microchip RN4870/71, BM70/71 as predefined device
FIX Android 9 crash workaround after deep sleep
1.24 2019-04-22
NEW undo clear
NEW file upload raw mode

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Additional information

Serial Bluetooth Terminal
1.40 MB
Developed By
Kai Morich

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