Security Antivirus 2019 APK

Antivirus & Security 2019
Monitoring infection control, prevention and innovation of Android antivirus.
Antivirus 2019 , Antivirus 2018 , Antivirus 2017 protects against viruses and other malware inspection program is designed to eliminate.Secure Antivirus 2019, the second loss of innovation. Infections and infections of care monitoring tablet series, Trojan horses, malware, spyware. Antivirus software to identify malicious use. Every time you use a different program. Mobile Security antivirus program will recognize the infection.
Trojans, malware, spyware, Trojan infections like Trojan horses. Application fleet consists of continuous monitoring.
Anti-virus database itself naturally.
Security 2019 comes with anti-virus functionality.

The main functions of the program.
– Scan
This is an anti-virus scanner for the protection of the application of each mobile phone.

– However, help is easy to use.

– Gadgets for Android (Multi / tablet).

– Quick Scan
Antivirus 2019 for equipment to detect any virus.

– Protection Real-time.
Antivirus for Android, app scanner is a very fast, not slow jam jar.

Thank you for Download.

What’s New

update v. 2.7.0
fix bug.

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Security Antivirus 2019
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