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Take you always your secrets with you! Completely hidden at eyes’s all !!
Please, it is Important to read all the INSTRUCTION about how to start the application! Read below !
From Today all your projects or your most intimates secrets are safe ! (notes,passwords… )
Don’t worry even the most trusted person that you could not deny nothing, all those person or friends that you can not say “No,I do not you give the password ” can read the pages of your diary or can see your personal files because these are totally hidden in the phone!
Do not appear anywhere!
Why this application is different from others?
Becouse no icon appears in the list of applications in your phone, so it is totally hidden.
If someone searches the application icon in the list of applications , he not will find it ever ! Only you will be aware of their existence !
And if you want to start the app? how can you do ?
It is simple!

This application is completely hidden from prying eyes and can only be activated by dialing a special access number and after inserting a pin code authentication!
Protect your privacy from people around you! We all have secrets! 😉
Please before leaving negative feedback please read, with attention, the description of the app.
1 To start the application : you should make a fake call to telephon number: 1111
2 Insert the pin code 0000
3 End
4 (Optional): change the pin code.

About “Hide files” feature:
caratteristiche generali :
With the upgrade at version 3.0 it is possible to hidden any kinds of files: pictures,clip, movie, documents, word, exel, power point, pdf, personal projects, autocad , cad ….
It is important to read all the following condition of use.
Warning: you are using this app at your Risk !
It is important that all the files that you want to hide have a backup copy storage in a safe place.
Warning: If you uninstall this app, all the files hidden with this app will lost. Before you uninstall the application you must remember to retrieve the files previously hidden with this application.
Buyer assumes all responsibility and liability for its use of the application.
Instructions of use:
With one touch you can hide the file selected.
With long touch you can to open the file selected.
You can to try this feature only if you accept this condition of use.

protect privacy !

if you want to help me to translate in your language please write me !
Are only a few words !

I will be grateful and will put your name in the acknowledgments of the app.

Warning ! Don’t lost pin code or dial number.
Unfortunately, just because of the nature of the application the password or the pin are no longer recoverable ….
Warning !
MIUI roms must enable “Allow 3rd party apps to monitor phone app” in the call settings menu.



  • I used it for some time.but one day when I unlocked my phone the app popped out of nowhere with the cursor blinking on secrets’ notepad. I am sure that I have closed the app. I uninstalled it immediately. but still I couldn’t find such a good app.please fix it

  • I am using micromax canvas 2 plus A110Q,
    and i m not able to activate fake call so what shoult i do??????
    Please reply as early as posible…………..

  • i just wanna ask something coz i can’t open this app.
    “MIUI roms must enable “Allow 3rd party apps to monitor phone app” in the call settings menu.” how would i do that? pls help!

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