Screen Lock – Time Password APK

Oh someone saw your password? You have to go through the process of changing it again? Tired of thinking of a new password that no one can crack ?
No More …. We got a great solution for you !
A new and innovative way to lock your phone is now here . Phone Current Time becomes your lock screen password. TIME CHANGES EVERY MINUTE, SO DOES THE PASSWORD and no one other than you know it .
★​​ Choose your own Lock Type, Either you want Current System Time to make your Lock Screen Password or own custom PIN with different Time slot like Hour only, Minute Only or full time. All are possible by this App.

★​​ App Lock Apply Lock Screen on All your favorite applications.

Intruder Detection Yes Now Screen Lock automatically capture Selfie of someone who tries to Unlock your Phone or Apps.

Reverse Pin Modifier Apply Reverse mode of your Current Lock either it is your Current Time, Own Security Pin or Pin+ Current Time.

Minute Pre-Set / Post-Set Means to give more security now Set Pre-Set or Post Set minute to your Current time.
★​​​​Customized Wallpaper for Lock Screen, Apply HD Lock Screen Wallpaper or choose from Gallery.

★​Hide App Icon, Hide this App icon to surprise your friends where is the Lock App. Launch it by dialing #your_Password

​★​Advance Protection, Enable Advance Protection mode to restrict Uninstall ​of the App.

​Notification Access, Get Instant notification updates on Lock Screen.

​★ 100% safe and secure
Try it out for a great experience .

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[email protected]

What’s New

**New Features Added**
+Marshmallow and Lollipop Compatability.
+Reverse Pin Modifier Concept Added.
+Time Pre-Set or Post Set Added.
+Intruder Detection by capturing Selfie Silently.
+All Minor Bugs Resolved.

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Additional information

Screen Lock – Time Password
6.60 MB
Android 4.0 and up
Mar 1, 2016
100,000+ downloads
Developed By
New Wave Studio

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  • Now, THIS is a very useful app, well-written, smooth, simple and focused on that little thing that in this day is quite dificult to afford: Security. Having it installed for only 20 mins and it gives you the feel that, your device is safe. The trick about setting the password from the time, that is innovative and its something that an user like me appreciates, however, it takes a bit of a reading and reasoning to understanding and clearly if you don’t know what you are doing with this app, then just don’t mess it up. Feeling completely satisfied and glad to see that after reboot the app will still run and provide a safe screen. Wishing to contact the developers to congratulate them myself, hope other people discover this amazing app.

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