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Screen Lock, app for Android™, with animation (includes Old TV style) to suite your choice. It allows you to switch off the screen, and lock the device. Easy to use and saves power button usage. Animation speed is adjusted with transition animation scale as set in your device. If you set it to .5x its becomes faster, if you increase it, animations become slower. Our advice, use 1x for best experience. No force lock, it just locks smoothly even in Android™ 4.0.x and above without screen flickering.
To lock screen, you get various options:
1. Create shortcut to screen lock app
2. Use the screen lock widget
3. Enable in notification area
4. Enable shake to lock screen
5. Enable screen on and off (Pro only)
6. Access screen lock, by long pressing search button, if your device has it
Screen Lock features include:
1. Lock device with one touch
2. Animation when you lock
3. Shake lock can be delayed for your convenience
4. Screen On and Off for busy people (Pro only) – [Use “Calibrate device” to activate] 5. Keep screen on with slightest movement (Pro only) – [Use “Calibrate device” to activate] 6. Pop-up for quickly activating or pausing of shake lock, screen on and off & keep screen on
7. Vibrate upon screen lock, and vibration strength adjustment
8. Lock sound
9. Lock sound upon animation start
10. Unlock sound
Note 1: Notification area and shake services are good to use, only if your screen security isn’t set to none. This app stops itself, removes notification and shake service when you use it to lock screen. When you unlock, it re enables those services. Doing so, saves power and battery life.
Note 2: In order to make the screen lock app work, you need to activate Device Administration. Also before un-install you need to deactivate Device Administration.
Note 3: Disable default device lock and unlock sound, if using it from Screen Lock app.
Note 4: For animations to work:
Android 2.x: Make sure “Settings > Display > Animation” > “All animations” should be selected.
Android 4.x: Make sure “Setting > Developer options > Transition animation scale” is not set to “Animation off”.

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Size : 249k
Current Version : 1.8
Requires Android : 2.2 and up



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