Screen Flashlight + Color Strobe APK

Screen Flashlight Lamp – Turn on the best new Screen Flashlight app and ignite your display.

The display dim to the maximum and helps as a torch. Use the color palette to change colors as you need them.

You also have the functions as a random color. Disco colors after long press of middle icons. Time setting is also done by long pressing the timer icon.
Screen Flashlight will help you at night, but it can also be used to sleep with a baby changing colors.
There is also a stroboscope mode that ensures sharp pulse light according to your frequency setting. Both white and color stroboscope can be used.

Brightness adjustment is a matter of course, and it's done with a simple slider that switches to a strobe using the brightness icon. The application starts very quickly and is done by experienced developers with a clean and optimized code.

Simple to turn ON the application. The application automatically adjusts the brightness of the phone to the maximum, and the display turns bright white with the white color.

The screen is brighter than your main screen. After turning off, the brightness returns to your preset.

★ Screen flashlight
★ Color flashlight
★ Brightness / Dimm adjustment
★ Stroboscope with adjustable frequency and color
★ Color picker / pallete
★ Application shutdown timer

If your main flashlight can not be turned on due to battery discharge. This is the only flashlight that can help in this emergency situation.
It can also be useful for tracing your drawing. It's great for phones or tablets that do not have a back camera with a flash.
Surprise your friends to a party with a color stroboscope.
You can lighten your face on your webcam while shooting in dark places.
It is a bright soft light that is not as sharp as the LED flashlight. It also helps with reading books or magazines.

Using a Pet Bottles filled with water folded paper as a shade and placed on your phone you can make a beautiful, modern and designer lamp with automatic color change.

Compatible Phones and Tablets:
Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC, Sony, Lenovo, ASUS, Motorola, Nokia, Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu

What’s New

update for android 9

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Additional information

Screen Flashlight + Color Strobe
3.00 MB
Developed By
NoWi Apps

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